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Safety Updates

Stay informed! Visit our Emergency Notification Network page to view our communication channels. 

We are prepared. View our Emergency Response Plan

Weather in
  • Feels like: 48°F
  • Temperature: 47.7°F
  • UV index: 1
  • Visibility: 10.0 mi
  • Partly Cloudy
  • Wind: 2.5 mph

Weather Forecast

Weather forecast for 1/24/2017Weather forecast for 1/25/2017Weather forecast for 1/26/2017Weather forecast for 1/27/2017
Partly CloudyClearClearClear
71°F / 35°F48°F / 25°F48°F / 26°F49°F / 28°F
0% rain0% rain0% rain0% rain
21 mph14 mph9 mph14 mph

Emergency Preparedeness Drills

In an effort to ensure Moore Norman Technology Center is prepared for emergency situations, the safety response team is committed to educating the campus community about what to do in an emergency. Drills of any sort — fire, tornado, lockdown, intruder, earthquake, etc. — are believed to save lives because they reduce the panic in an actual emergency.

During the school year, we will conduct a maximum of 10 safety drills as required by the Oklahoma Department of Education.

In an Emergency

When to dial 911:

Always call 911 if the situation is life-threatening. To dial 911 on an internal business line, you must dial 9 first, then 911.

When to dial MNTC First Responder Team (Ext. 5555):

Always call Ext. 5555 in every emergency situation. If the situation is life-threatening, contact 911 first. If the situation occurs outside of normal campus hours, contact the campus coordinator on duty.

DO stay calm and use critical, specific keywords about situation and campus locations to help the responder.
DO seek assistance in your area.
DO NOT contact a first aid member directly; use ext. 5555
DO NOT speak to the media.