District Profile

Career Training

Full Time
MNTC offers 32 full time career programs in the areas of Business Information Technology, Engineering & Technical, Health Careers and Human Service / Humanities. Courses are taught by industry experts leading the way for learning and industry certification, and also encouraging students to excel and continue their education in a chosen career field.

Part Time
MNTC offers hundreds of short term courses to aid students in their personal and professional growth. These courses are offered in trimesters with classes scheduled during the day, evening and on Saturdays. During the 2014-2015 school year, more than 47,000 adults participated in courses or seminars for the purpose of a career change, promotion, or to gain personal and professional development.


MNTC meets with business and industry leaders to discuss and modify curriculum to ensure it meets workplace needs. The curriculum is designed to encourage learning through experience, which gives students the opportunity to learn both theory and practice. While enrolled at MNTC, students work to meet clinical requirements, may hold internships, or learn through on-the-job training and job site visits. Additionally, they have the opportunity to earn state and national certifications in their industries.


MNTC's student body is a diverse group comprised of working adults, full-time adult students, high school students from five partner high schools, private and home schools, business owners and senior citizens.

During FY15, 1,480 students attended Long Term programs to prepare for college, update or add to existing skills, make a career change, or to gain personal and professional development. Of that number, 518 were adults, and 962 were high school students.


MNTC has 55 certified teachers and instructors who hold various national and state certifications in their industry areas. All certified teachers must hold, or be working toward, a bachelor’s degree, and a Standard Oklahoma Teaching Certificate. Four of MNTC’s teachers and/or instructors hold associate degrees, 23 hold bachelor’s degrees, and 29 hold master’s degrees. Together, they have over 360 industry certifications. In addition to teaching, instructors and teachers have responsibilities that include sponsoring student organizations, providing internships, and job placement of students, conducting follow-up of graduates, and performing advisory board recruitment. Additionally, MNTC has eight nationally board certified teachers.


For FY15, MNTC operated on a $29.626 million General Fund budget, and a $12.680 million Building Fund budget. Sources of this revenue are: 89 percent local which includes ad valorem, tuition, and other local sources, 10 percent state and 1 percent federal funds. 

Educational Services

In addition to a wide variety of training programs, MNTC offers specialized support services to individuals. We realize that to be totally focused on training and job readiness, any barriers that might keep an individual from learning should be eliminated. MNTC provides several on-site services to aid in the process.

Areas of Student Support

  • Career Counseling
  • Financial Aid
  • Deaf & Hard of Hearing
  • Disabilities Support
  • Reading, Language & Math tutoring
  • College Credit assistance
  • Employment Services