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Administration of Salary Schedule, Policy No. 440

Administration of Salary Schedule, Policy No. 440

Printable PDF Board Policy 440

The board annually adopts a salary schedule for personnel employed in positions for which certification is required. The schedule is good for one (1) year only and the decision to grant a step increase on the schedule is subject to annual board action.

Placement on the salary schedule is calculated as follows:


1.      Less than sixty (60) college hours

2.      Sixty (60) or more college hours

3.      Bachelor’s degree

4.      Master’s degree

Official verification of the education level must be provided to the Human Resources office prior to being placed on the salary schedule.


1.      One (1) step for each year (minimum of 120 days per year) as a full-time teacher at the secondary or post-secondary level.

2.      One (1) step for every two (2) years of full-time occupational experience (industry must be closely related to the area to be taught)

3.      One (1) step for every year of military service, up to five (5) steps. Note: additional steps my be granted if the experience is related to the area being taught.

Regardless of experience, no individual may receive an initial placement on the salary schedule higher than step ten (10)