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Board of Education Executive Officer - Superintendent, Policy No. 640

Board of Education Executive Officer - Superintendent, Policy No. 640

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The board of education recognizes that the superintendent of schools is the executive officer of the board of education and the administrative head of the school system. The superintendent must hold an administrator’s certificate recognized by the State Board of Education. If the superintendent is employed for the first time in Oklahoma, he or she must attend training seminars as required by the Oklahoma Department of Education. The following duties have been established for the office of the superintendent of school:

          1. The superintendent is the executive officer of the board and the leader of the educational forces of the community. The board shall seek the superintendent’s recommendation on school matters.

          2. The superintendent shall attend the meetings of the board (except when his/her employment is being considered) and advise the board on all school matters.

          3. The superintendent shall make recommendations to the board of candidates for teacher and supervisory positions, as well as other employees of the school system as the need arises. The board shall not normally employ a school employee against the recommendation of the superintendent. The board will direct the superintendent to make additional recommendations if necessary.

          4. The superintendent shall devote him/herself to the study of public educational trends, keep the board informed on conditions of the schools of the district, and present recommendations for the determination of policy. The superintendent shall, once policies have been established, devise ways and means for their operation and make periodic reports on the success of such policies.

          5. All purchases of supplies, materials or equipment shall be made on authority of a purchase order approved by the superintendent.

          6. Responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the activity funds shall be delegated to the superintendent.

          7. The superintendent shall prepare procedures for admitting non-resident children who apply for permission to attend school in this district, and for the transfer of children who apply for permission to attend schools in other districts.

          8. The superintendent shall be responsible for the administration of suspensions and exclusions of children of compulsory school age for any reason.

          9. The superintendent shall be responsible for providing the ways and means for teaching the subjects required by the State Board of Education and such other subjects as may be designated or approved by the board of education.

         10. The superintendent shall have all school accounts audited each year and a copy of the audit filed with the clerk of the board of education.

         11. The superintendent shall carefully observe the methods of instruction and the discipline of teachers; suggest improvements; remedy defects in their management; advise as to the best methods of instruction and discipline; and pay special attention to the classification of students, the program of studies and the apportionment of time allotted to each of the prescribed subjects.

         12. The superintendent shall secure adequate plant facilities; standardize supplies, equipment and other materials used in the school; and formulate standard procedures for purchasing equipment in all departments of the school.

         13. The superintendent shall prepare a well-coordinated budget by requiring the various divisions of the school system to participate in its development.

         14. The superintendent shall have the authority to close the school in case of emergency. Emergency includes, but is not limited to: weather, epidemic, pandemic, and other events that require an immediate administrative response.

         15. The superintendent shall visit schools in other cities to observe developing educational trends and to suggest appropriate means for the advancement of the district.

The renewal of the superintendent shall be considered by the board and announced no later than its regular meeting in February each year. It is the duty of the president of the board to notify the superintendent as soon as possible following the board’s decision.