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Board of Education Officers President, Policy No. 606

Board of Education Officers President, Policy No. 606

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The president of the board of education serves as the presiding officer and manages routine work of the board, signs all contracts, appoints all committees, signs all warrants ordered by the board of education to be drawn upon the treasurer of school money, certifies tax levies and defends them, serves as spokesperson, and performs other duties that are delegated to him/her by state law or by order of the board of education.

In addition to performing the duties specifically imposed by the board of education, the president shall have the authority to enforce all permanent rules and regulations adopted for the governance and control of the technology center, and shall at all times take such measures and employ such means as may be proper and lawful to enforce school laws within the technology center in the interim between meetings of the board.

The president shall have authority to appoint a member or members as ex officio representatives of the board of education to other organizations of the community that request such representation.

Reference: OKLA. STAT. tit. 70 § 5-120, 135