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Board Policy Development, Policy No. 605

Board Policy Development, Policy No. 605

Printable PDF Board Policy 605

The Moore Norman Technology Center Board of Education is designated by Oklahoma law as the governing board of Moore Norman Technology Center School District No. 17 and is granted the power and duty to make rules, not inconsistent with the law or rules of the State Board of Education, governing the board and the school system of the district. It is the position of the board to set policy and direction for the school, and the role of the administration and staff is to implement the policies of the Board in a fair and consistent manner.

Policy Development

          1. Origination - The superintendent will ensure that responsibility for each policy and procedure is assigned to the appropriate stakeholder for the respective area (i.e., finance, human resources, administration, student, etc.).


          1. Responsibility - The stakeholder for the respective area will ensure that assigned policies and procedures are reviewed and  updated as needed.

          2. Procedure-

                    A. It is the right of any member of the board and the superintendent to propose a new or amended policy and/ or procedure directly to the board.

                    B. A proposal for creating and/or revising a policy and/or procedure may be made through the Action Request system. In this case, the Action Request team will assign the proposal to the superintendent who will forward the draft to the responsible stakeholder to evaluate the proposed policy and/or procedure change.

Review and Revision

          1. Review - Staff will present new or revised policy drafts as information items to the board at an official meeting of the board. After receiving input from board members, the policy will be placed on the agenda for formal action. However, if circumstances dictate, the superintendent may request formal action by the board at the first presentation of the policy.

          2. Policy Revision – Moore Norman Technology Center’s policies are reviewed by the school’s legal counsel.

          3. The superintendent will be the final reviewer of the draft or revised policy prior to the presentation of the board.


          1. Policies are posted on the school’s website as well as a published copy is kept in the office of the superintendent.