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Board-Superintendent Relationship, Policy No. 641

Board-Superintendent Relationship, Policy No. 641

Printable PDF Board Policy 641

Delegation by the board of its executive powers to the superintendent provides freedom for the superintendent to manage the technology center within the board’s policies and frees the board to devote its time to policy making and other governance functions.

The board holds the superintendent responsible for the administration of its policies, the execution of board decisions, the operation of the internal machinery designed to serve the technology center, and for keeping the board informed about technology center operations and problems.

The board as a whole, as individual members, shall:  

          1. Give the superintendent full administrative authority for properly discharging his or her professional duties, holding him or her responsible for acceptable results.

          2. Except under extraordinary circumstances, act only upon the recommendation of the superintendent in matters of school personnel.

          3. Hold all meetings of the board in the presence of the superintendent except when the superintendent’s contract, salary, or employment are under consideration.

          4. Refer all complaints to the superintendent and discuss them only at a board meeting after administrative solutions fail to resolve the complaints.

          5. Strive to provide adequate safeguards around the superintendent and other staff members.

          6. Present personal criticisms of any employee directly to the superintendent.