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Campus Safety and the Jeanne Clery Act, Policy No. 592

Campus Safety and the Jeanne Clery Act, Policy No. 592

Printable PDF Board Policy 592

The technology center has taken steps toward improving the safety and well-being of students, employees and visitors. The technology center engages in comprehensive violence prevention efforts, including education programs which seek to increase awareness and reduce incidents of misconduct such as bullying, harassment, intimidation, retaliation, and criminal acts including sex offenses. The technology center will not tolerate these acts on its campus, or off campus if such conduct impacts the education environment.

Bullying, Harassment, Intimidation and Retaliation

These forms of misconduct will be investigated and responded to under the technology center’s policies and procedures related to such misconduct. Copies of these policies and procedures are available on the MNTC website and in the student handbook.

Criminal Activity and Sex Offenses

Criminal activity is defined as any conduct which violates a local, state or federal law. Examples include, but are not limited to, all forms of homicide, assault, battery, robbery, theft, arson, property crimes, hate crimes, weapons violations, and drug/alcohol violations.

Sex offenses are a type of criminal activity and are defined as unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature. Sex offenses commonly include stalking, rape, and acquaintance rape. Sex offenses may include other misconduct, whether violent or nonviolent, if the conduct is unwelcome and is of a sexual nature.

Reporting Criminal Activity and Sex Offenses

Any individual who has witnessed or been the victim of criminal activity, including sex offenses, should immediately report the incident to the Program Director of Public Safety, a school resource officer, and/or local law enforcement (911). This will increase safety and allow for critical evidence to be preserved. Any member of the technology center’s administrative team will help students report sex offenses to law enforcement upon the student’s request.

Sex offenses should also be promptly reported to the technology center’s Title IX Coordinator so the technology center can conduct an appropriate investigation and take the necessary remedial actions. Reports can be made to:

Moore Norman Technology Center

Attention: Executive Director of Human Resources (employees)

Attention: Assistant Superintendent of Instruction (students)

4701 12th Ave. NW

Norman, OK 73069


All criminal activity and sex offenses alleged to have occurred on campus, whether involving a visitor, employee or student, will be promptly investigated. All sex offenses alleged to have occurred off campus but involving a technology center student will be investigated to determine if the incident has impacted the education environment. Although this investigation may be conducted in conjunction with local law enforcement, the technology center will independently determine whether student or employee disciplinary consequences are appropriate and what, if any, victim supportive services should be offered.

Disciplinary Procedures and Consequences

Both the accused and the accuser have the right to be present and/or represented at any formal disciplinary hearing, and both shall be informed of the outcome of the investigation.

Any student or employee who is determined to have committed a sex offense or other crime on campus will face severe disciplinary consequences, up to and including termination for employees and expulsion for students. A full statement of the technology center’s disciplinary procedures can be found in policies regarding student behavior (for students) and professional conduct (for employees). These technology center sanctions are independent of other civil or criminal penalties through law enforcement.

Supportive Services for Victims of Sex Offenses

Any individual who is the victim of a an on-campus sex offense, and any student who is the victim of an off-campus sex offense impacting the education environment may receive information on community resources such as mental health care, victim advocacy and housing referrals. Technology center administrators will work with these individuals to assess the need and craft appropriate interventions to ensure continued student and employee success.

Statistical Information

Prior to October 1st of each year, the technology center will disseminate a campus crime report to all current students and employees via posting on the technology center’s website after individually notifying employees and students of the availability of the report. The report will comply with all aspects of the Clery Act. Applicants and members of the public may request a copy of this report by making a written request to the Safety Coordinator.

The district will maintain all statistical data on Clery Act crimes for seven (7) years.