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Code of Ethics, Policy No. 110

Code of Ethics, Policy No. 110

Printable PDF Board Policy 110

As employees and stakeholders of Moore Norman Technology Center we believe that our professional behavior must conform to a high ethical standard. We acknowledge that our school district belongs to the public we serve for the purpose of providing students and business clients with education, training and business solutions required for success in the workplace, in education, and in life.

We assume responsibility for providing professional leadership in our school and our community. This responsibility requires that we demonstrate exemplary professional conduct. We recognize that our actions will be viewed and appraised by all students and stakeholders. To these ends, we subscribe to the following code of ethics.

The board of education, superintendent, administration, faculty, and staff will:

1.       Make the well-being of our customers (students, businesses, and the taxpayer’s and patrons of our district) the fundamental value of all decision making and actions.

2.       Demonstrate accountability to the taxpayers and patrons of the district and the State of Oklahoma.

3.       Operate with the understanding that the role of the board of education is to set policy and direction for the school, and the role of the administration and staff is to implement the policies of the Board in a fair and consistent manner.

4.       Not use my position or influence for personal gain.

5.       Avoid actions that create a conflict of interest and strive to avoid action that might appear to create a conflict of interest.

6.       Fulfill professional responsibilities with honesty and integrity.

7.       Support the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma and the United States of America and obey all federal, state, and local laws.

8.       Promote effective communication between the board, students, staff, and community.

9.    Improve the effectiveness of the profession through continuing professional development.

Recognizing the unique position of the board of education in the governance of the district, the board of education accepts and affirms additional ethical responsibilities to:

1.      Recognize that the citizens of the district have entrusted the board of education with the occupational preparation of the residents of this district.

2.      Provide high quality programs, staff, and facilities, and ensure that information about the programs is well communicated throughout the district.

3.      Never neglect his/her personal obligation to the district or any legal obligation to the state, nor surrender these responsibilities to any other person, group or organization.

4.      Devote time, thought, and study to the duties and responsibilities of the position in order to render creditable service.

5.      Work with other board members in a spirit of harmony and cooperation even when differences arise during debate of points at issue.

6.      Base each decision on available facts and vote an honest conviction based on the best interests of the district, unswayed by partisan bias of any kind, and uphold the final majority decision of the board.

7.      Remember that no board member has any legal authority outside properly scheduled meetings of the board, and to conduct any relationships with technology center staff, local citizenry, and others on the basis of this fact.

8.      Disallow every temptation and outside pressure to use the position as a board member for personal benefit or benefit any other individual or agency apart from the total interest of the district.

9.      Recognize the importance of board members understanding the educational and training programs and the business operation of the technology center in order to evaluate their effectiveness.

10.  Bear in mind that the primary functions of the board of education are to establish the policies and to assist in the development of best possible rules, practices, and procedures for implementing and carrying out established policies for district operations and proposed future developments. The day-to-day conduct of the rules, practices and regulations should be left to the employed superintendent/CEO and his/her staff.

11.  Encourage and welcome active participation by students, staff, and citizens, within the district with respect to establishing policy, rules, practices and procedures for district and proposed future developments.

12.  Strive toward ideal conditions for the most effective school board service to the district, in a spirit of teamwork and devotion to career and technology education as an instrument and process to assist students find a meaningful career and to provide assistance to the business community.

Moore Norman Technology Center’s grievance policy will be used for reporting and resolving alleged violations of the district’s code of ethics by the superintendent, administration, faculty, and staff. Reports of an alleged violation by a board member will be reported to any member of the board of education.