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Direct Deposit of Payroll, Policy No. 441

Direct Deposit of Payroll, Policy No. 441

Printable PDF Board Policy 441

In the interests of economy and to provide its employees the convenience of having payroll funds available in their bank accounts on payday, the Board of Education has determined to have the net pay of all Moore Norman Technology Center employees directly deposited in a specific banking institution account that is designated in writing by the employee.

Participation in the direct deposit program is mandatory and all employees shall have their payroll wage payments disbursed through direct deposit to the financial institution of each employee’s choice. Agreement to accept direct deposit of payroll funds shall be a prerequisite for new employment with the Moore Norman Technology Center (the “Technology Center”)]. The Board may grant exemptions from this policy on such terms and conditions as it deems necessary.

Direct deposit forms shall be given to every current and new employee on which employees shall designate the financial institution and account information necessary for direct deposit. It shall be the duty of all current employees to submit their completed or changed direct deposit forms to the human resources department before the 15th of the month. New employees must submit their completed direct deposit forms to the human resources department before receiving their first paycheck.

Direct deposit of payroll funds will be made in accordance with the Technology Center’s payroll schedule for the current year. The Technology Center shall electronically provide each employee their direct deposit payroll advice that details payroll information by means that are not burdensome to the employee. No fee or assessment shall be charged to any employee because of the implementation and administration of the direct deposit program under this policy.

It shall be the responsibility of each employee to notify the Technology Center’s business department of any changes to either the employee’s designated bank account or banking institution that would affect direct deposit of funds by the 15th of the month. Should an employee encounter a difficulty in obtaining a bank account for the direct deposit of payroll funds, the Technology Center shall work with the employee to offer alternative solutions.

Reference: 70 OKLA. STAT. § 6-106.2