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Disbursement of Funds, Policy No. 320

Disbursement of Funds, Policy No. 320

Printable PDF Board Policy 320

General and Building Funds

The finance director, with support from the finance office staff, is responsible for preparing all financial documents for board approval. Such preparation must be in accordance with all applicable laws and policies. A list of encumbrances must be included in each board packet for regular board meetings. Encumbrance change orders over a specified limit will be prepared on a separate list for each regular board meeting.

The encumbrance clerk is responsible for preparing the non-payroll payment register and printing checks. All checks shall be printed with a facsimile signature of the board president, clerk, and treasurer. The treasurer (or assistant treasurer) reviews and signs the payment register prior to the printing and distribution of checks.

Activity Fund

Prior to printing any check from the activity fund account, the activity fund custodian is required to verify that the individual responsible for a particular fund has completed and signed a written authorization form. All checks written from the activity account require two (2) signatures. The following individuals are authorized to sign activity fund checks: superintendent, finance director, or activity fund custodian.