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Employee Appearance, Policy No. 401

Employee Appearance, Policy No. 401

Printable PDF Board Policy 401

The board places a priority on presenting an appropriate public image to those served by the district. This policy establishes the standards for professional grooming and dress for all technology center employees.

The technology center generally requires that employees report to work wearing business casual attire. Administrators may be regularly required to dress more professionally than business casual, and all employees may have occasions which require more formal attire. Special circumstances or job duties may also permit relaxed attire and employees working in selected fields, such as healthcare, may be required to wear scrubs or other career specific clothing. All employees are expected to dress appropriately for the work being performed.

No employee will be permitted to wear clothing/ accessories or engage in grooming which poses a safety hazard or is, in the discretion of the administration, offensive or harassing.


Shoes must be in good repair and appropriate for the environment.

Employees who work primarily in labs, shops, or maintenance areas may wear, or may be required to wear, safety shoes or other shoes approved by the supervisor. All employees working regularly in these areas must wear closed-toe shoes.


All clothing must be laundered and in good repair. No employee is permitted to wear tops/ shirts which expose the midriff, back, shoulders or chest (unless those tops are worn under another shirt, sweater or jacket). Pants which sag or expose the employee's undergarments, shorts (except those worn by selected maintenance employees during summer months), sweats, pajamas, and clothing with words or images are prohibited (except official Moore Norman Technology Center attire).


Hats, caps and head coverings are typically not permitted unless approved by the employee's supervisor or the employee is working outdoors or in an area requiring a hard hat.

Jewelry must be appropriate for the work environment and not pose any safety hazard. Body modifications, including piercings and tattoos, must not be distracting.

Employees may wear accessories related to the expression of their personal religious beliefs or a health concern in all work places where safety would not be compromised.


Hair must be clean and styled in a non-distracting manner. Facial hair must be neatly trimmed.

Employees may deviate from this grooming practice related to the expression of their personal religious, cultural or ethnic customs in all work places where safety would not be compromised.

Employees are required to maintain good personal hygiene and if wearing perfumes and cologne use in moderation.


Supervisors are available to consult with employees regarding the appropriate application of this policy. The board expects supervisors to consult privately with any employee who violates this policy prior to initiating formal disciplinary action under this policy.