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Employee Safety Program

Board Policy

Employee Safety Program

This document establishes the “Employee Safety Program” (ESP) requirements for the technology center. It is the policy of the technology center to comply with the applicable regulations governing the safety of our campus community and the protection of the environment. The minimum requirements for the technology center are set forth below.


It will be the responsibility of the superintendent to establish and maintain the appropriate policies, procedures, and practices to achieve and maintain compliance.

Minimum Requirements

     1. “Employee Safety Program” (ESP) training

The technology center will be responsible for conducting training to a level necessary to satisfy legal requirements and to provide a safe environment for its campus community. This training will be facilitated by the Safety Office. The records of such training will include at a minimum:

A. Date and time of training;

B. Name of trainee;

C. Name of trainer; and

D. Outline of training content.

     2. First Responder Safety Teams (FRST)

The technology center will establish Safety Teams (ST) to provide for the following conditions:

A. Incipient fire response;

B. Major fire response;

C. Evacuation to the outside;

D. Evacuation to designated shelter areas;

E. First aid;

F. Hazard material incidents; and

G. Facility security following an incident.

A sufficient number of employees will be trained to ensure coverage at times of building occupancy.

     3. Evacuation

The technology center will establish procedures for safe and orderly evacuation in the event of a hazardous situation:

A. Emergency routes must be identified;

B. Training on the procedures must be conducted and documented; and

C. Practice drills must be conducted at least annually. (The technology center will adhere to applicable local and state laws and policies.) Special evacuation plans will be established for the needs of employees with mobility, visual, hearing impairment or other special needs.

     4. Safety Data Sheets

The technology center will provide Safety Data Sheets (SDS) when a hazardous chemical product is used in its facilities. Employees are required to read the SDS prior to handling the hazardous product. Each SDS will be kept in a location where everyone in the area can access the information. The Safety Office will maintain the original file of SDS.

     5. Minimum Equipment Lists

The technology center will have an equipment list for the items required to respond to any hazards or incidents which may reasonably be anticipated in its workplace.

     6. Protective Equipment

Where protective equipment is found to be required to protect employee safety, the use of the equipment will be mandatory as a condition of employment. Proper training will be provided and documented. Such equipment will be maintained in good condition and inspected on a regular basis. Any applicable OSHA requirements for such equipment will be followed.

     7. Safety Auditing

The technology center will establish audit procedures to monitor the conditions of the workplace, equipment and compliance with their established procedures. Findings and corrective action will be documented. Checklists will be developed to facilitate these audits. Such audits will be accomplished as needed or required by law and/or policy.

     8. Accident Investigation

Each accident resulting in an injury or hazardous condition will be analyzed to determine the root cause, and action will be taken to prevent recurrence. This analysis and action will be documented.

     9. Government Agencies

It is the policy of the technology center to cooperate fully with any audits or investigations by governmental authorities.

     10. Unsafe Condition Reporting Process

If any employee believes an unsafe condition is present, he/she should first report the condition to the superintendent. This action will be without prejudice to the employee.

Adopted: December 18, 2014

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