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Energy Conservation, Policy No. 257

Energy Conservation, Policy No. 257

Printable PDF Board Policy 257

In an attempt to be good stewards of natural and technology center resources, the board expects all employees and students to adhere to the provisions of this policy regarding energy conservation.

MNTC has established a behavior based conservation program which requires cooperation across departments. 

1.      The energy specialist will conduct audits and develop usage and conservation guidelines for MNTC.

2.      The Director of Facilities is the designated administrator to oversee conservation efforts.

3.      All students and personnel are required to participate in the program.

4.      The energy education specialist teams will maintain accurate records in order to evaluate the program’s success.

5.      To augment these efforts, each campus will adhere to the preventative maintenance and monitoring plans implemented by campus physical plant services- including schedules regarding HVAC, temperatures, building envelope, and moisture management.