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Enrollment for Those Convicted of Felonies, Policy No. 517

Enrollment for Those Convicted of Felonies, Policy No. 517

Printable PDF Board Policy 517

Although the technology center exists to provide educational opportunities, certain circumstances require careful review and consideration prior to student enrollment at the center. No person seeking admission will be unilaterally excluded solely on the basis of a felony conviction, but those with felony convictions are subject to administrative review. This review will seek to determine whether the individual poses a threat to other students or staff and will educate the potential student regarding limited employment opportunities in certain fields due to the felony conviction.

Any currently-enrolled student who is charged with a felony must promptly disclose the charges to the executive director of student services strategic communications and engagement.

All situations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. This policy will apply to all career programs, programs, and/or courses that require an application for enrollment.

Administrative Review Process

Upon learning that an individual with a felony conviction has applied for enrollment at the technology center, an administrative committee will determine the nature of the crime, the applicant’s version of the events, the amount of time which has passed since the crime was committed, rehabilitation which has occurred since the crime, the applicant’s current status with the court system and any other factor deemed to be relevant to the specific circumstances.

Career Counseling

Certain careers, especially health related careers, often prohibit licensure/employment of individuals who have been convicted of:

·         Violent crimes (e.g., murder, assault, armed robbery)

·         Sex crimes of any nature or kind

·         Manufacture, sale or possession of drugs with intent to distribute

·         Child or elder abuse

Because many clinical sites will not permit convicted felons to participate in job sites/clinical sites, enrollment in such a program will not be permitted due to a student’s inability to complete the program requirement or obtain licensure or certification. Any applicant denied enrollment based on this policy may seek a review of the denial if he/she believes extenuating circumstances exist which would allow him/her to complete the program requirements.

This policy is not intended to prevent enrollment, but is designed to protect students from investing in an education which cannot be completed due to circumstances beyond the technology center’s control.

Registered Sex Offenders

Individuals seeking admission to the technology center must disclose their status as a registered sex offender. A failure to make this disclosure will result in removal from the technology center. Applications for admission by registered sex offenders will be reviewed for the purpose of determining whether admission is in the best interest of other students and the center. In any instance involving the admission of a registered sex offender, the student will be subject to specific guidelines, provided by the superintendent or designee. These guidelines will govern the student’s school enrollment, attendance, and participation in school activities. Violation of administrative guidelines issued to the student will result in the student’s removal.