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Evaluation, Full-Time Instructional and Certified Personnel, Policy No. 414

Evaluation, Full-Time Instructional and Certified Personnel, Policy No. 414

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Evaluation of certified instructors as defined by law, and other instructional staff as designated by Moore Norman Technology Center, herein referred to as teacher, shall emphasize improvement of instruction and professional growth.

Observation and evaluation of individual performance, utilizing the approved evaluation instrument, shall be used first for the purpose of providing suggestions and assistance on generally accepted criteria for effective teaching, and second for determining whether teaching performance meets with the degree of excellence required for continued employment.

The evaluation shall be conducted by an administrator designated by the Superintendent. The evaluator shall be certified by the State Department of Education to evaluate certified personnel.

Who Shall Be Evaluated

1.      Each probationary teacher shall be evaluated at least twice each school year, once before November 15, and once before February 10.

2.      Each career teacher shall be evaluated in accordance with state statute.

Evaluation Procedure

1.      A copy of the evaluation shall be given to the teacher after it has been completed by the evaluating administrator.

2.      The teacher shall be given an opportunity to discuss the evaluation with the evaluator in a joint conference.

3.       The teacher shall acknowledge the evaluation has been made by signing the printed document or by an electronic signature on the OkTLE system following the evaluation conference.

4.       One copy of the form shall be retained in the teacher's personnel file maintained by the administrator, and one copy shall be given to the teacher.

5.       The teacher may submit a written response to the evaluation within two weeks. This response must be placed in the file along with the evaluation.

6.       The teacher may ask for a second evaluation by a different evaluator.

7.       The evaluation instrument and response shall be available only to the teacher, the administrator making the evaluation, the Superintendent, the Chief Officer of Instruction, the Board of Education, the attorney for the Board of Education, the board and administrative staff of any district to which the evaluate apples for employment, the hearing panel involved in a non-renewal or dismissal, and such other persons named by the teacher in writing as being permitted to access the evaluation.

8.       Each new teacher shall be furnished a copy of the evaluation form upon employment.

9.      The procedures, criteria, instruments, and process of evaluation will be subject to review and annual approval by the Board of Education. The instrument is also subject to approval by the majority of the instructors on an annual basis. All evaluation instruments approved for use must meet the minimum criteria of the State Department of Education. Any legislative act, State Department ruling, or court decision which makes any part of this policy unlawful will in no way make inactive the rest of this policy.