Board Policy

Evaluation of the Superintendent

The board of education, in recognition of its accountability to the community and its obligations under state law, will conduct an annual formal evaluation of the superintendent of the technology center. The evaluation shall be conducted toward the goal of improving the technology center through an improving superintendency.

Members of the board will first evaluate the superintendent independently, using a written form adopted by the board for this purpose. The board president will compile a composite evaluation form and discuss the evaluation with the superintendent privately in advance of the formal evaluation discussion with the full board. The board and the superintendent will each retain a copy of the written evaluation report.

Evaluation of the superintendent shall be conducted in such manner as to:

     1. Provide positive and constructive feedback to the superintendent that will support and promote the superintendent’s professional growth and development;

     2. Help the board evaluate its work in planning the educational program in this community; and

     3. Strengthen the working relationship between the board and the superintendent by providing a comprehensive vehicle of communication.

Adopted: December 18, 2014


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