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Eye Protection Devices, Policy No. 268

Eye Protection Devices, Policy No. 268

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Every student, instructor, employee and visitor participating in or observing any course of instruction, activity or work responsibility involving, but not limited to, the following items shall be required to wear appropriate industrial quality eye protective devices at all times:

     1. Hot liquids, hot molten metals, or other molten materials;

     2. Milling, sawing, turning, shaping, cutting, grinding or stamping of any solid materials;

     3. Heat treatment, tempering, or kiln firing of any metal or other materials;

     4. Gas or electric arc welding, or other forms of welding processes;

     5. Repair or servicing of any vehicle where there is danger of injury to the eyes;

     6. Caustic or explosive materials;

     7. Injurious radiation;

     8. Various cleaning products; or

     8. Other hazards not enumerated.

Such devices will be furnished for all students, employees and visitors entering areas which require eye protection.

“Industrial quality eye protective devices,” as used in this policy, means devices meeting the standards of the USA practice for Occupational and Educational Eye and Face Protection, Z87.1-1968, and subsequent revisions thereof, approved by the United States of America Standards Institutes Inc.

Reference: OKLA. STAT. tit. 70 § 1210.182