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Food Allergies Policy for Secondary Students, Policy No. 492

Food Allergies Policy for Secondary Students, Policy No. 492

Printable PDF Board Policy 492

The technology center is committed to ensuring equal access to its programs for all students, including students with food allergies. Reasonable accommodations will be made to allow students with food allergies to participate in all its programs. The technology center will not tolerate any retaliatory or bullying conduct toward a student due to a food allergy.

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Action Plan

A Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Action Plan ("Plan") will be developed for each student who has a food allergy. The Plan will be based on an interactive meeting between the parent/guardian and the Disabilities Coordinator or designee and will be supported by medical documentation provided by the student's healthcare provider. The Plan will include, at a minimum, the following information:

·         specific allergens / ingredients to be avoided

·         preventative measures

·         method by which employees can easily identify the student

·         type of reaction to the allergen

·         actions to be taken in case of suspected exposure when no reaction is observed

·         actions to be taken when symptoms are present

·         reasonable accommodations which will be provided for the student

Reasonable accommodations may include actions such as an alternative meal which is as nutritionally comparable as reasonably possible, a meal prepared in a separate area of the kitchen, a meal served at a separate table in the cafeteria, etc. The reasonable accommodations identified during the interactive development of the student's Plan are subject to final approval by school officials. In the event the parent/guardian is not satisfied with the results of the interactive meeting or the established Plan, the parent/guardian may request a review of the accommodations and/or the Plan by contacting the superintendent in writing within five (5) school days of the development of the Plan.

The Plan will be reviewed/updated through the interactive process at least once per school year.

Cafeteria Employees

The technology center provides training regarding food allergies to all individuals who work in the cafeteria. Although the technology center will attempt to protect student confidentiality to the extent safely possible, cafeteria workers are considered individuals who have a need to know information regarding student food allergies. Accordingly, relevant cafeteria staff will have access to all Plans. The technology center will clean all cafeteria surfaces in accordance with accepted standards. Tables and work areas which are specifically designated as allergen free, if applicable, will be cleaned with designated cloths/ sponges to avoid cross contact.

Food Consumption Outside of Cafeterias

Technology center staff must take reasonable precautions to ensure that a student with a food allergy is not inadvertently exposed to an allergen, and that the student may participate in a meaningful way with other students.