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Intellectual Property

Any intellectual property, including but not limited to curriculum, patents, copyrights, trade and service marks, inventions, confidential information, copyrightable works, and other creative works, developed by an employee on school time, with school resources, in conjunction with and/or as a result of his/her employment with Moore Norman Technology Center (“Moore Norman”) is the property of Moore Norman. Any information pertaining to such intellectual property must remain on school premises or on school technology (i.e. iPads, Laptops, flash drives, etc.) and employees must treat such property as confidential.

Employees asked to develop intellectual property such as curriculum or similar classoriented materials, when such development is not a part of the employee’s job description, shall enter into an extra duty contract with Moore Norman which will govern the terms of the development of the intellectual property, including remuneration, ownership, and other terms deemed appropriate to the project.

Employees wishing to use intellectual property belonging to Moore Norman outside Moore Norman must obtain prior written permission from the superintendent. The superintendent will determine, at his or her sole discretion, whether to permit the use and, if permitted, an appropriate fee to be paid and other terms for the use of the intellectual property.

No employee of Moore Norman may receive payment or other consideration for presenting intellectual property belonging to Moore Norman to an outside organization.

No employee of Moore Norman may provide intellectual property belonging to Moore Norman to an outside organization without the express written permission of the superintendent. No employee of Moore Norman may use time, equipment or other resources of Moore Norman to develop or revise intellectual property for non-Moore Norman use. Any such unauthorized use subjects the intellectual property to the ownership of Moore Norman and not the individual author.

Employees of Moore Norman, at the time of separation from employment, if not before, must surrender all electronic and paper copies of any intellectual property belonging to Moore Norman.

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Adopted: December 18, 2014



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