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Military Tuition Discount, Policy No. 551

Military Tuition Discount, Policy No. 551

Printable PDF Board Policy 551

The board of education recognizes the many sacrifices and contributions made by members of the military and their families. Accordingly, MNTC will provide a military discount in accordance with the terms of this policy.

Student Eligibility

In order to be eligible for the discount, an individual must currently be a member of the armed forces or have received a discharge from the armed forces other than a dishonorable discharge. One of the following military documents is required to establish eligibility:

• DD-214 (must include Character of Service)

• Military LES

• Discharge Certificate

• Military Orders

• Retirement Certificate

Current spouses of such individuals are also eligible to participate in the program. In order to establish eligibility, the spouse is required to submit a military identification card which indicates the relationship between the student and the military member.

Program Benefits

Eligible students may receive a reduction of fifty percent (50%) on the cost of tuition in long term programs and short term (WED) courses. This discount does not apply to books, materials, supplies, etc. Some courses, such as online classes, may not be eligible for this discount.

Other Conditions

MNTC may discontinue offering this benefit at any time in the discretion of the board; however, such discontinuation will not affect individuals who are enrolled in the program at the time the decision to discontinue the program is made.

Individuals who fraudulently obtain a tuition discount under this program will be required to repay the tuition discounted, will be removed from enrollment at MNTC and will be ineligible for future enrollment at MNTC.