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Professional Credentials & Staff Development

Board Policy

Professional Credentials & Staff Development

Each technology center employee is responsible for obtaining and maintaining the proper and necessary certification or licensure for the position to which he/she is assigned. Employees must provide a current copy of all credentials to the human resource office at the time of hire and promptly upon any renewal, retesting, achievement, etc.

The technology center’s certified personnel must accumulate a minimum of seventy-five (75) points during a five-year period, with some points completed each year. These points will be authorized by prior approval of the activity by the executive director or designee and will follow the guidelines as established by the staff development committee and the board of education of the technology center. The technology center shall keep a record of each staff development activity in the human resources office.

The technology center shall require the executive director or designee to inform certified employees of their point status at the end of the first semester of school, so that any deficiencies in in-service points may be corrected. The Staff Development Committee will give the executive director or designee this total of individual points.

Instructors will be notified in writing at the end of the first semester of their points earned. At the end of the school year, instructors will receive copies of total points earned for that year. They will also sign their record sheet.

For accounting purposes, staff development requirements by the local staff development plan, points must be in, on or before the last day of the current school year. A reemployment contract is contingent upon successful completion of the requirements of the local staff development policy. Points earned while teaching at another school may be transferred for credit at this institution.

Instructors must attend all meetings called or approved by the superintendent or individual building administrators. Instructors are expected to attend those professional meetings for which they are given days off from instruction to attend. Instructor meetings will be called as needed by the superintendent or designee.

Reference: OAC 210: 20-19-3

Adopted: December 18, 2014



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