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Reduction in Force, Policy No. 483

Reduction in Force, Policy No. 483

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Criteria for Reduction in Force

         I.            When the Board determines it is necessary to reduce the total number of certified and/or licensed employees in the school district, the student and the program needs of the district will be the primary criteria in establishing priorities for those to be released.


1.      In implementing a reduction in force, the position, or positions to be eliminated will be determined by the Board first and, thereafter, the following procedures will be used to determine the teacher or teachers to be released as a result thereof.

a.       A licensed teacher in an eliminated position will be released first.

b.      A probationary teacher in an eliminated position will be released second.

c.       A career teacher in an eliminated position will be released third.

1.      If the career teacher is certified for a position held by a licensed or probationary teacher, the career teacher will be reassigned to that position, and the licensed or probationary teacher will be displaced and released.

2.      A teacher must have on file in the Human Resources department at the time of the presentation of the recommendation to reduce force, either the proper certification or evidence of eligibility for such certification, in order for any displacement to occur.

d.      If there is more than one teacher in the eliminated position with equal career status, the following criteria will be used to determine which teacher or teachers will be released.

1.      Certification

2.      Academic Degrees

3.      Evaluations for the past three years         

4.      Years of continuous teaching experience in the district

5.      Job demand in the occupational area

Following the consideration of the above criteria, the Superintendent will forward a recommendation to the Board of Education for final action.

Priority in Recall

1.      Teachers who are released because of a reduction in force will have priority, for a period of one year from the date the reduction occurred, to fill subsequent vacancies in positions for which they are certified and qualified. Teachers will be offered reemployment in reverse order of release.

Notification of Recall

1.      Teachers on the recall list will be notified by certified mail of position vacancies for which they have priority. A teacher shall remain on the recall list unless the teacher:

a.       does not accept a position within ten (10) days from the mailing of a notice of vacancy as provided above; or,

b.      waives recall in writing; or,

c.       resigns; or,

d.      refuses to accept a position for which the teacher was qualified, and which was offered to the teacher by the district

Current Address on File

1.      It shall be the teacher's responsibility to see that the district has the teacher’s current address on file, which will be used for recall purposes.

2.      If the teacher is going to be out of town, the teacher has the responsibility of informing the superintendent of a means of notification.