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Reduction in Force of Support Personnel, Policy No. 482

Reduction in Force of Support Personnel, Policy No. 482

Printable PDF Board Policy 482

The technology center believes that every reasonable effort should be made to avoid a reduction in force at any level. However, if it should become necessary to reduce the number of full-time support employees due to lack of funds or lack of work in a particular area or due to a reorganization, the position or program will be the determining factor and not the individuals who occupy the position or serve the program.

An employee is considered to be a full-time employee if that position is designated as a fulltime position by the board.

A reduction in force may occur for lack of funds, lack of work because of a decline in enrollment, consolidation of programs or positions, elimination of positions, or other circumstances as determined by the board.

If termination of employment should become necessary, notices of such terminations will be made as set forth in the policy governing suspension, demotion, or termination of support employees found elsewhere in this manual.

Any necessary terminations shall begin by dismissing temporary, seasonal, or part-time employees within the job category affected. These employees shall be terminated at the discretion of the superintendent’s designee.

If normal attrition and the release of temporary and part-time employees does not sufficiently reduce the support staff, the following items will be considered in the reduction process in the order listed:

     1. Performance history;

     2. Job qualification by training and experience;

     3. Attendance and punctuality; and

     4. In the event that two or more employees in the affected category are equal in the above factors, termination shall be made on the basis of seniority within each general job category.

Supervisors and directors shall serve at the pleasure of the board and shall not be subject to the prescribed seniority order for reductions in force. Personnel whose positions are eliminated in one category may be considered for a position in another category. 

Seniority shall be defined as the total length of continuous service as a support employee within this technology center. Employees who are terminated and subsequently reinstated shall retain cumulative seniority for all periods worked except for the period of termination.

Demotions in position, due to a reduction in force, shall follow the same procedure as terminations.