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Refunds, Policy No. 541

Refunds, Policy No. 541

Printable PDF Board Policy 541

It is the policy of the technology center board of education that students who have paid tuition for programs be given full or partial refunds under conditions stated in established guidelines. This policy applies when a student officially withdraws from a full-time or short-term course or program or short-term multi-client classes prior to the specified time within the instructional period for which he/she has been charged and includes full or partial refund of tuition, fees and other charges.

The term “withdrawal” shall mean written or by email notification by a student of his/her intention to discontinue class attendance.


1.      100% tuition and supply fees are refundable to the student if the district cancels the program or course.

2.      Non-attendance of classes does not constitute official withdrawal.

3.      A refund request will not be approved unless all financial obligations to the district have been met.

4.      When a student is eligible for a refund, the amount of the refund may be credited toward enrollment in another Moore Norman Technology center program or course.

5.      Items (books, tools, supplies and materials) purchased from MNTC may be eligible for a refund if the items are in “like new” condition, unopened, unmarked and undamaged, provided the items are returned within the refund period or the cost of materials has not been expended by the district. No refund will be made for insurance, assessments, or other costs purchased on the student’s behalf.

6.      Exceptions to this policy may be made by the Assistant Superintendent, Instruction and/or the Program Director over that area.

Full-Time Programs

1.      100% of the tuition will be refunded if the student withdraws before classes start.

2.      100% of the tuition will be refunded if a student drops on before the tenth instructional day. No refund if a student drops after the tenth instructional day.

3.      Tuition will not be refunded for programs in which the student has earned a final grade.

Short-Term Adult Courses

Open Enrollment

1.      Requests for a refund of tuition must be made through Student Services.

2.      Open Enrollment Workshops, and Seminars- a full refund minus a $5 processing fee will be given if course is dropped prior to the start of the class. No refunds will be given after the start of the class.

3.      Individualized Study FlexTrack & MNTC Online Classes- a full refund minus a $5 processing fee will be given within two (2) days of enrollment date.

Other Enrollment

1.      Ed2go Online, AHA Online & Nurse Refresher- no refund after enrollment date.

2.      Customized Industry Training Classes- refunds and billing adjustments are listed in proposal.