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Resignation of Support Employees, Policy No. 417

Resignation of Support Employees, Policy No. 417

Printable PDF Board Policy 417

Support employees may submit a written or electronic resignation from employment with the technology center at any time. The resignation must be written, dated, signed, and specify the date upon which it is effective. The resignation must be mailed to the superintendent or designee by certified mail, return receipt requested, sent electronically, or delivered to the superintendents or designee’s office. An acknowledgement of receipt of hand-delivered copies shall be placed on the face of the resignation.

The superintendent or designee is authorized to accept the written resignation of any support employee and shall advise the support employee in writing that the resignation has been accepted. The superintendent shall advise the board of education of the support employee’s resignation.

A resignation may not be withdrawn after it has been accepted by the superintendent or designee and will be irrevocable from that date.

Payment of final compensation shall be processed and disbursed at the scheduled times.