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Review of Instructional Material, Policy No. 254

Review of Instructional Material, Policy No. 254

Printable PDF Board Policy 254

In order to promote transparency in the education process, the technology center’s instructional materials will be available for review by parents of minor children. Instructional materials include items such as teacher manuals, films, tapes and other supplementary materials regardless of format.

In order to review these materials, a parent should submit a written request to the director. The request must specify the class/subject, teacher, student’s name, and the types of items being requested for review. Within ten (10) days the director will arrange for a mutually convenient time for the review or will notify the parent that a review cannot be permitted. If the director declines to allow a parent to review the materials, the director will provide the parent with an explanation of why the material is not available. All reviews will be conducted during regular business hours in the campus administrative offices. Instructional materials may not be removed from the administrative offices.

In the event the requested review is denied or after fifteen (15) days with no response from the director, the parent may request this information through the board of education in accordance with the technology center’s policy regarding parent rights.

Reference: OKLA. STAT. tit. 70 § 11-106.1