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School Visitors, Policy No. 285

School Visitors, Policy No. 285

Printable PDF Board Policy 285

MNTC welcomes guests to campus, but to ensure delivery of quality education and the  safety of students and employees all visitors are required to check in at the administrative office prior to conducting any business on campus. A visitor is defined as anyone who is not enrolled in a Career Program or class or who is not participating in a scheduled workshop or event. This includes parents, family members and friends of students and employees, sales agents, and others who are not currently enrolled at MNTC or attending a scheduled campus event.

The superintendent is authorized to remove anyone from campus if that person is perceived to be a threat to the peaceful conduct of school activities.

Minor Children (Non-Students)

Minor children are not permitted to accompany a parent/guardian to a class or meeting, nor may any minor child be left unattended in a commons area or in a vehicle in a school  parking lot. Minors may accompany an adult on campus for the purpose of enrolling or attending to other brief administrative functions.

Minor children of employees are permitted on campus for limited, unforeseen and or emergency circumstances provided the minor’s presence is brief and does not create a disruption to the work environment. Any employee who wishes to have his/her minor child on campus must obtain prior approval through his/her immediate supervisor.