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Selection of a Construction Manager, Policy No. 491

Selection of a Construction Manager, Policy No. 491

Printable PDF Board Policy 491

Pursuant to 61 O.S. § 62, the Board of Education authorizes the Superintendent or his or her designee to develop and maintain procedures for the selection of a construction manager  for each project for which the technology center determines that the employment of a construction managers is permitted and desirable. This procedure shall, at a minimum:

1.      Extend consideration only to construction mangers recognized as qualified by the Department of Real Estate Services of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services;

2.      Evaluate the candidates’ professional qualifications, including but not limited to, licensing, registration, certifications, technical abilities and past experience relevant to the contemplated project; and

3.      Select a construction manager based on professional qualifications and technical experience.

Upon selection of a construction manager, the technology center shall negotiate a contract with the highest qualified construction manager, provided that a fee can be negotiated that  is fair and reasonable to both parties. In the event a reasonable fee cannot be negotiated with the selected construction manager, the technology center may negotiate with other construction managers in order of their qualifications.

Reference:     61 O.S. § 62