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Student Attendance and Activities, Policy No. 510

Student Attendance and Activities, Policy No. 510

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Attendance Expectations

Regular class attendance for adult and secondary students is an essential component of academic success and is required for all MNTC students. No student may miss more than ten (10) days per semester, except as noted below under Activity Absences. Students starting after the first day of classes will have less than the ten (10) days of allowed absences. Selected programs may have more stringent requirements, and such requirements will supersede this ten (10) day rule.


A day is defined as the class period a student is enrolled each day. Students who miss over one hour per class will be counted absent for the class. Students who arrive up to one (1) hour late or depart up to one (1) hour early per class will be considered tardy for that class. Three tardies will equal one (1) absence.


Violation of the attendance policy will result in the student receiving no academic credit and will result in withdrawal from school. Students who violate the attendance policy will not be allowed to enroll for the following regular semester, including summer school if the violation occurs during the spring semester.

A new student who has never attended MNTC and misses three (3) consecutive days with no contact will be withdrawn. Students who miss six (6) consecutive days during the school year without contacting the school will be withdrawn.


The superintendent or designee may grant an extended leave of absence in extreme circumstances, but such a leave will not result in a refund of tuition. The superintendent is authorized to implement additional procedures regarding student attendance as are deemed appropriate under specific circumstances.

Separate Enrollment Classes

Absences and tardies will be counted separately for classes which require separate enrollment, i.e., physics, calculus, etc.

Activity Absences

Student activity absences must be fewer than ten (10) per school year, except for:

·         School-wide activities such as assemblies, student testing, and enrollment.

·         District, state, and national contests or activities which the student has earned the right to attend.

·         Educational program field trips within the program's daily time schedule.

In order to be excused from classes for an activity absence, students must be eligible according to their home high school eligibility policy. They must also have a passing grade (certified by the involved teacher) and be within the attendance policy in all classes affected by the activity at the time of the request for an excused absence.

An Internal Activities Review Committee (IARC) shall be responsible for reviewing and recommending any deviation from this policy. The IARC committee will consist of the Chief Officer of Instruction and program directors.

Activity Absences Complaint Procedures

All complaints must be filed in writing in accordance with MNTC's grievance procedure. If the complaint is not resolved at this lowest level, the complaint may then progress to the Oklahoma State Board of Education Accreditation Section. Upon receipt of the complaint the Accreditation Section shall appoint a monitoring team to make an on-site visit and file a written report to the State Board of Education and Accreditation Section. This complaint must include a list of the name(s) of the student(s), date(s), and excessive class(es) missed. The monitoring team shall submit a written report to the superintendent and MNTC board within ten (10) school days of the on-site visit.

Upon the recommendation of the monitoring team the superintendent may be called to appear before the State Board of Education for determination of the appropriate action to be taken