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Student Diabetes Care and Management, Policy No. 589

Student Diabetes Care and Management, Policy No. 589

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The purpose of this policy is to implement the requirements of the Diabetes Management in Schools Act (“Act”), OKLA. STAT. tit. 70 § 1210.196.


For purposes of this policy, these terms have the following definitions:

“Diabetes medical management plan” means the document a student’s personal health care team develops that identifies the health services the student may need at school.

“Personal health care team” means the team responsible for managing a student’s diabetes and includes the disability coordinator or designee, the parent or guardian of a minor student, and to the extent practicable, the physician responsible for the student’s diabetes treatment.

“Diabetes care designee” means a technology center employee who has successfully completed the training required by this policy and state law.


Any technology center employee aware of a student who has diabetes-related needs while at school or while participating in school activities will promptly advise an appropriate administrator. The parent of any minor student who will have diabetes-related needs at school or in school activities should advise the disability coordinator or an administrative representative.

A personal health care team will develop a written Diabetes Medical Management Plan (“Plan”) for each student who may seek care for diabetes while at school or while participating in a school activity. The Plan will identify the health services the student may need at school. Each member of the student’s personal health care team, including the parent of a minor student, will sign the Plan. The personal health care team will review the Plan at least annually. The Assistant Superintendent of Instruction will make a reasonable effort to find one or more technology center employees willing to serve as a diabetes care designee (“Designee”) to monitor the student with diabetes care as provided in the student’s Plan. The technology center will maintain the diabetes Plan and related documentation as student health records.

A Designee must first complete training provided by the State Department of Health in accordance with the Act. The training will include instruction in the following:

•        Recognizing the symptoms of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia;

•        Understanding the proper action to take if the student’s blood glucose is outside the range indicated in the Plan;

•        Understanding the details of the Plan;

•        Performing finger sticks to check blood glucose levels, check urine ketone levels and record the results of those checks;

•        Properly administering insulin and glucagon and recording the results of the administration;

•        Recognizing complications that require the assistant to seek emergency assistance; and

•        Understanding the recommended schedules and food intake for the student’s meals and snacks, the effect of physical activity on blood glucose and the proper action to be taken if the student’s schedule is disrupted.

To continue as Designee, the Designee must annually demonstrate competency in the above training. The human resources department or its designee will maintain a copy of the training guidelines and the records associated with the training.

With permission from the student or the parent(s) of a minor student, the technology center will provide each technology center employee responsible for supervising or transporting a student with diabetes a form with the following information:

•                    Student’s name;

•                    Telephone number of a contact person in case of an emergency involving the student; and

•                    Potential emergencies that may occur due to the diabetes and appropriate responses to such emergencies.

Any technology center employee provided the above information will be informed of applicable health privacy policies.

In accordance with his or her individual Plan and this policy, a student may attend to the management of his or her diabetes, which may include:

•                    Performing blood glucose level checks;

•                    Administering insulin through the student’s insulin delivery system;

•                    Treating hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia;

•                    Unless changed in accordance with this policy, possessing on his or her person at any time, any supplies or specialized equipment necessary to monitor and care for his or her diabetes; and

•                    Otherwise attending to the management of his or her diabetes in the classroom, any area of the school or grounds, or at any school related activity.

The technology center will provide a private area where the student can attend to his or her diabetes-related needs.

Students who manage their diabetes and personally possess the necessary specialized equipment and supplies under this policy are prohibited from sharing or playing with their equipment or supplies. If a student engages in these activities, a meeting of the personal health care team will be scheduled to address the situation. The technology center is not responsible for safeguarding the specialized equipment or supplies of a student who personally possesses those items.

Students with diabetes are encouraged to wear Medic Alert bracelets or necklaces.

No technology center employee will be subject to any penalty or disciplinary action for refusing to serve as a Designee. No technology center employee will be subject to any disciplinary proceeding resulting from any action taken in compliance with this policy. Any employee acting in accordance with this policy and law will be immune from civil liability unless the employee’s actions rise to the level of reckless or intentional conduct.