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Substitute Instructors, Policy No. 420

Substitute Instructors, Policy No. 420

Printable PDF Board Policy 420

The board of education employs substitute teachers to follow the daily lesson plan provided by a regular teacher who is unable to be present in his/her class. Individuals wishing to perform duties as a substitute teacher must be annually approved by the board or be subsequently approved by the board for inclusion on the school’s master list of substitute teachers. Only substitute teachers included on the technology center’s approved substitute list will be employed. All substitute teachers will be paid at the annual board approved substitute rate of pay.

Prior to employment with the technology center, a substitute teacher may be required to undergo a background check pursuant to the board’s policy governing criminal records searches. General exceptions to the background check requirement relate to teachers of  ten or more years who have retired from the technology center and individuals who have been full time Oklahoma teachers in the past five years at another district where a background check is already available.

The employment of an individual substitute teacher within the technology center shall be limited as follows:

  • maximum of 135 days per school year if the substitute does not have a current or lapsed/expired teaching certificate or bachelor’s degree, with a maximum of 135 days in the same assignment;
  • maximum of 145 days if the substitute has a lapsed/expired certificate or possesses a bachelor’s degree, with a maximum of 145 days in the same assignment; or
  • no limit on the number of days within the district or in the same assignment if the substitute holds a valid certificate.

Reference:      Okla. Stat. tit. 70, § 6-105