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Support Employee Rules for Conduct, Policy No. 416B

Support Employee Rules for Conduct, Policy No. 416B

Printable PDF Board Policy 416B

A support employee may be suspended, demoted, terminated or non-reemployed for violation of any of the following Rules for Conduct, as well as other standards of conduct included in school district policies:

1.      Falsification of personnel or other records.

2.      Unexcused failure to be at workstation at starting time.

3.      Leaving workstation without authorization prior to lunch periods, or end of workday.

4.      Abandonment of job (3 or more consecutive or non-consecutive absences in a rolling 6-month period without following the proper reporting procedures).

5.      Unapproved or excessive absenteeism.

6.      Chronic absenteeism for any reason.

7.      Unapproved or excessive tardiness.

8.      Chronic tardiness.

9.      Wasting time or loitering during working hours.

10.  Leaving work area during work hours, without permission, for any reason.

11.  Possession of weapons on school premises1, in school district vehicles or while on duty.

12.  Removing technology center property or records from the premises without proper authority.

13.  Willful abuse, misuse, defacing, or destruction of technology center property, including tools, equipment, or property of other employees.

14.  Theft or misappropriation of property of employees or students of the technology center.

15.  Sabotage.

16.  Distracting the attention of others.

17.  Refusal to follow instructions of supervisor.

18.  Refusal or failure to do work assignment.

19.  Unauthorized operation of machines, tools, or equipment.

20.  Threatening, intimidating, coercing, or interfering with employees or supervisors.

21.  Threatening, intimidating, coercing, or exploiting students or others connected with the district.

22.  The making or publishing of false, vicious, or malicious statements concerning any employee or supervisor.

23.  Creating a disturbance on school premises including but not limited to engaging in quarrelsome behavior and fighting.

24.  Creating or contributing to unsanitary conditions.

25.  Actions or omissions that jeopardize the health, safety, life, or property of self or others.

26.  Practical jokes injurious to other employees, students, or technology center property.

27.  Possession, consumption, or reporting to work under the influence of beer, alcoholic beverages (including wine), non-prescribed drugs, or controlled dangerous substances.

28.  Disregard of known safety rules or common safety practices.

29.  Unsafe operation of motor driven vehicles or equipment.

30.  Operating machines or equipment without using the safety devices provided.

31.  Gambling, lottery, or any other game of chance on technology center property.

32.  Unauthorized distribution of literature, written or printed matter of any description on technology center property.

33.  Posting or removing notices, signs, or writing in any form on bulletin boards of school district property at any time without specific authority of the administration.

34.  Poor workmanship.

35.  Immoral conduct or indecency including abusive and/or foul language.

36.  Excessive personal calls during working hours, except for emergencies. This includes in-coming and out-going calls.

37.  Walking off job.

38.  Clocking in or out on another employee's timecard or time sheet.

39.  Smoking or using tobacco products in an unauthorized area, including the use of e-cigarettes, personal vaporizes and other similar devices, regardless of whether those devices are used with cartridges containing nicotine.

40.  Refusal of job transfer if the transfer does not result in a demotion.

41.  Abuse of "breaks" (rest periods) or meal period policies.

42.  Insubordination of any kind.

43.  Dishonesty of any kind, including withholding pertinent information from a supervisor.

44.  Wrongdoing of any kind.

45.  Violation of a law or regulation.

46.  Sexual harassment of an employee, a student or a third party such as a patron or vendor.

47.  Engaging in discriminatory conduct (including discrimination based on race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, pregnancy, disability, genetic information, veteran status, or age) against an employee, student, or third party.

48.  Violation of a policy or rule enacted to ensure orderly and proper job performance or for the safety of self or others.

49.  Misuse or abuse of any technology center leave policy or guidelines.

50.  Any intentional act or omission which constitutes a material or substantial breach of job duties, responsibilities, or obligations.

51.  Any conduct which the employee knew or should have reasonably known was a violation of school rules or policies.

52.  When it is in the best interest of the technology center, any support personnel may be suspended, demoted, terminated or non-reemployed.

53.  Because of the substantial difficulty of retaining competent support employees on a temporary basis over an extended period of time, a support employee shall be subject to termination or non-reemployment for inability to perform the essential job requirements if the employee is unable due to illness or accidental injury to return to work for his or her regularly scheduled hours and to perform the essential duties of the position (with or without reasonable accommodation) within 12 work weeks or the number of work days equal to the employee's total accumulated sick leave days, whichever is longer, measured from the date of the first absence due to the condition resulting in the extended absence.  The administration may, in its discretion, extend additional unpaid leave as an accommodation of a disability. 

54.  Unauthorized access of a computer, mobile phone or website. 


Support personnel who are either (a) over the age of twenty-one (21) or (b) who are a military member or veteran and over age eighteen may possess a firearm in the school parking lot but that weapon must be stored in the employee’s vehicle pursuant to Oklahoma law.