Board Policy

Transfer and Release of Confidential Information

The technology center adopts this policy pursuant to OKLA. STAT. tit. 10 § 620.5.

For purposes of this policy, "confidential information" means any information regarding a student receiving services supported in whole or in part by state or federal funds, a family member of such student, or other persons residing in the home of such student, and which is required by state or federal law or regulation to be maintained in a confidential manner.

The technology center will transfer and release confidential information in accordance with this policy to:

1. The Department of Human Services;

2. The Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services;

3. The State Department of Health;

4. The State Department of Education;

5. The State Department of Vocational and Technical Education;

6. The Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth;

7. The J.D. McCarty Center for Handicapped Children;

8. The Department of Corrections;

9. Private agencies receiving public funds pursuant to a grant or contract with one of the agencies listed in (1) through (8) and providing institutional, community residential or community-based services to children and families as defined by OKLA. STAT. tit. 10 § 1101;

10. Persons and agencies subject to the rules promulgated by the agencies listed in (1) through (8); and

11. Statutorily-constituted juvenile bureaus.

Unless otherwise permitted by state or federal law or regulation, confidential information will only be released to the above-described entities pursuant to (1) a court order or (2) an informed consent that has been executed by (a) the parent or guardian of the minor student or other person authorized by state or federal law to execute such consent, if the subject of the confidential information is a student or (b) the individual who was the subject of the confidential information or other person authorized by law to execute such consent on his or her behalf, if the subject of the confidential information is an adult. The technology center will use the State of Oklahoma Standard Form Consent for the Release of Confidential Information.

The technology center will follow the rules promulgated by the State Department of Education or the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education for authorizing access to confidential information for the purpose of gathering statistical information or conducting studies or researches otherwise authorized by law.

The technology center may charge $.25 per page for all copies made pursuant to this policy plus the actual cost of mailing the copies.

Adopted: December 18, 2014


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