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Tuition Assistance, Policy No. 550

Printable PDF Board Policy 550

Tuition assistance may be established and awarded to deserving students. The superintendent is responsible for developing and administering tuition assistance.

Career Program Tuition Assistance

This assistance may provide tuition-free instruction to a high school graduate meeting the established criteria. The intent of this program is:

▪                      to encourage a student to receive a diploma in a MNTC career program,

▪                      to encourage a student to continue education in a technical field after high school graduation or equivalent,

▪                      to encourage a student to pursue an associate degree in technical education, and

▪                      to encourage a student to master advanced curriculum in order to enhance employability.

National Guard Fee Waivers

Eligible members of the Oklahoma Army and Air National Guard may be entitled to have their tuition waived for career programs while attending Moore Norman Technology Center.