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Tuition Enhancement for Regular Full-Time Employees, Policy No. 449

Printable PDF Board Policy 449

The board encourages all employees to further their knowledge and skills through additional education.  Regular full-time employees with approved degree plans are eligible to participate in the MNTC Tuition Enhancement Program.

Eligible employees will be compensated per credit hour at the rate established for certified teachers for college coursework successfully completed in accordance with the approved degree plan.

The employee must submit an "Intent to Enroll” form each semester prior to enrolling in the course. Once the course is completed, the employee must submit evidence of the successful completion of the work, such as a grade report. An official transcript must be submitted to the human resources department each year. 

In order to receive compensation in a timely manner, completed forms and documentation must be turned in to the Human Resources Department no later than the dates as determined in the tuition reimbursement procedures.

No employee will be compensated for NOCTI courses or CLEP test credits.