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Use of Technology Center Facilities

Board Policy

Use of Technology Center Facilities

Standards for Use of School Facilities

The technology center will permit use of school facilities for business or educational
purposes. A fee may be charged for the use of facilities.

Providing every student with the best education possible is the primary function and
responsibility of the board. Therefore, school-related functions will be given priority when it is necessary to use school facilities. However, the board is also vitally interested in helping other business and educational related activities which support and supplement the efforts of this district.

Procedures for Use of School Facilities

All outside customers who are requesting to use MNTC facilities will be referred to the
district’s event planner. The event planner will work with customers to complete the room set up, equipment requests and all other aspects of the meeting or conference needs,including needs which arise during the meeting/conference. Every outside customer, whether paying to use the facilities or using the facilities at no charge, must sign and return the district’s Proposal for Facilities Use which outlines the agreed upon dates, times, purpose, cost (when applicable), and rules for usage. This Proposal will be maintained in the customer’s file.

No event date/time/location is guaranteed until all paperwork has been submitted and
approved by the technology center and payment and payment (or a signed purchase order) is received by the event planner.

Prohibited Use

  1. School facilities will not be used for: Meetings which promote subversive teachings and doctrines contrary to the spirit of American institutions;
  2. Activities tending to cause unrest in the community or which reflect upon or promote discrimination against citizens of the United States because of race, color, sex, pregnancy, gender, gender expression or identity, national origin, religion, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, age, or genetic information;
  3. Any activity that may be destructive or injurious to the buildings, grounds or equipment; or
  4. Any purpose in conflict with school objectives. 

Payment by companies or organizations can be made by credit card, cash, money order, business check, or purchase order. Any outstanding balance of the account will be due and payable upon receipt of an MNTC invoice. If paying by Purchase Order, payment must be received net/45 days.

Companies and organizations that have outstanding past-due balances may not schedule future events until the outstanding balances are paid in full.

Payment arrangements for catering or other services at the South Penn Conference Center will be between the caterer or service provider and the company or organization.

Responsibility of Applicant
The applicant and his/her organization will be held responsible for the proper use of the
building, for payment for the use of school facilities, for the conduct of persons attending the meeting, and will see to it that activities are confined to the areas requested and to the hours agreed upon in the application. The applicant will indemnify the technology center for any theft, loss or damage to school property over and above normal wear which might be expected from his/her use thereof, and will make prompt payment for such theft, loss or damage. An indemnity bond or a deposit may be required if circumstances warrant. It is required that users of school facilities will see that the activities are conducted at all times under competent adult supervision. The superintendent or his/her designee will be the judge of unwarranted damages to the school property.

All rooms or areas will be left in as good condition as they were found, except the usual
accumulation resulting from normal building use. No applicant may sublet any part of thebuilding area named in the application request. All applications for repetitious use of the school facilities will be renewed at the beginning of each school year and are subject to review by the superintendent.

Users of school property must assume responsibility for the safety and protection of the
audience, workmen and participants to the extent required by law. The superintendent has the right to require minimum limits of public liability and property damage insurance for all groups using any school facility, and to require that there be evidence presented to the superintendent in the form of a certificate of insurance, showing Moore Norman Technology Center of Cleveland County, Oklahoma, as an additional named insured.


In the event the customer wishes to cancel an event, written notice of the intent to cancel must be made to the event planner at least seven (7) days prior to the scheduled event. If timely notice is not provided, the customer may be required to pay all fees outlined in the Proposal.

Additionally, cancellation of permission may be ordered whenever such action is deemed in the best interest of the district. However, such cancellations will not be made except when unforeseen emergencies arise, and then with as much advance notice as possible.

Permission may be canceled by the superintendent if conduct or infraction of regulations warrant. 

Days of Operation

District facilities are open during the following times:

  • Monday through Thursday 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
  • Friday 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  • Saturday 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Outside customers needing additional hours may request that these times be extended.
Final discretion regarding room rental availability is at the discretion of the event planner
and superintendent.

Outside customers will be charged to use the facilities unless the group wishing to use the facilities falls under one of the following exceptions:

Franklin Road Campus:

  • Internal Moore Norman Technology Center groups
  • Oklahoma Department of Education
  • Oklahoma Department of CareerTech
  • City of Moore / City of Norman
  • Moore Public Schools / Norman Public Schools
  •  (school-sponsored events, excludes extra-curricular activities)
  • Home School Association
  • Private schools within our district (sending schools)
  • Civic organizations for special meetings / banquets
  • Cleveland County Sheriff Department
  • Census Bureau
  • Cleveland / McClain retired educators
  • Oklahoma City Police Department

South Penn Campus

  • Central Oklahoma Manufacturer’s (COMA)
  • Internal Moore Norman Technology Center groups
  • Civic organizations for special meetings / banquets
  • Moore Public Schools / Norman Public Schools
  •  (school sponsored events, excludes extra-curricular activities)
  • Oklahoma Department of CareerTech
  • Sodexo
  • Oklahoma City Police Department

Uniformed officers must be on duty when so directed by the superintendent.

Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco and Dangerous Weapons
The use or possession of alcoholic beverages, low-point beer or controlled substances
(drugs) will not be permitted on school property. Organizations using school property for any purpose are expected to comply with technology center policy concerning the use of tobacco.

Dangerous weapons are prohibited on school property. Individuals with a valid concealed handgun license must comply with applicable state and federal laws applicable to possession and storage of handguns on school property. Handguns are restricted to a vehicle in the school’s parking lot and must not be brought onto any other school property or into school buildings, offices or other structures, absent the written consent of the school’s superintendent.

Individuals who have received prior permission from the administration may possess an inoperable weapon on the premises for participation in a school program, as long as the weapon remains inoperable while at school and the individual uses the weapon in
accordance with the permission granted.

Apparatus and Equipment
Requests to use public address systems, projection equipment and screens, spotlights,
stage sceneries, pianos and so forth will be included in the Proposal. The room fee includes set-up services and use of existing equipment. Proposals which include additional equipment must include payment arrangements by the customer. All such equipment and properties will be operated, moved and controlled only by trained technology center staff or adjunct staff.

As a precaution against fire, no request will be granted for the use of lighted candles or
other actual flame equipment in connection with building usage.
Classroom apparatus, such as shop, science, physical education, home-making, music, business education, art laboratory, data processing equipment and athletic equipment which is regularly used for school instruction will not be available for use by non-school groups.

School equipment is not available for use off school premises unless it is beneficial to the district in carrying forward its programs.

No organization will have access to the cafeteria kitchen area. Catering / food service must be provided by an approved caterer. A list of approved caterers is available from the event planner.

Parking Lots
Parking lots are provided with the use of the school buildings. Parking areas are not
reserved exclusively for groups using school buildings.

Use of School Buses
School buses may be used for "summer youth activities" as approved by the board
whenever such equipment is not available from commercial firms in the area, and whenever such use is beneficial to the youth of the district, provided such youth groups are adequately supervised by adults and provided further that all costs for such operations, including any damages to equipment and usual wear and tear, are defrayed by the using group. Only legally qualified drivers may drive school buses.

Use of School Buildings in Times of Emergency
At times when the district’s facilities are already open, school buildings will be available to community members for shelter in the event of severe weather. Any individual wishing to seek shelter during an emergency weather situation must report to the Information and Enrollment Center.

Concession rights at all school facilities are reserved for this technology center.

Interpretation of the Policy and Procedures
The superintendent shall interpret and enforce all provisions of this policy and procedures. The superintendent's interpretation shall be final unless one board member directs that the issue be brought to the board of education for review. 

Facility Use Proposal

See PDF.

Adopted: December 18, 2014


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