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First Day of School Info

This page contains information for the following programs: Accounting, Database Administration, Digital Cinema and TV Production, Graphic Design, Cyber Defense, Cloud & Virtualization Network Administration, Legal Office Services, Programming & Software Development, Teacher Prep, and Web Design

When is the first day of school?

All full-time career major programs begin on Monday, Aug. 16. All high school students are expected to attend MNTC on the first day of classes, even if classes have not begun at their high school. For specific questions or concerns, please contact us.


Class Times & Bus Schedule
Academic Calendar

Where do I go the first day?

Campus Address:
MNTC Franklin Road Campus
4701 12th Ave NW
Norman, OK 73069

Road Entry: Gate 1
Parking Lot: IT Parking Lot (Southeast Parking Lot)
Entrance: Information Technology Building

BIT Entrance

BIT Entrance
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