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Robyn Castleberry

Titles: Director, Student Services

Olga Caulfield

Titles: Instructor - Pre-Engineering

Kim Chancellor

Titles: Office Assistant

Dustin Chapman

Titles: Custodian

LaDonna Chappell

Titles: Business Development Center Assistant

Christine Clark

Titles: Office Assistant, Health

Juliane Clark

Titles: Program Assistant, Adult Development

Jennifer Clements

Titles: Instructor, Pre-Nursing

Jana Cline

Titles: Counselor, Health Careers

Jeff Cole

Titles: Quality Management Systems Coordinator

Wesley Conatser

Titles: Purchasing / Inventory Specialist

Crystal Conner

Titles: Medical Assisting - Non-Certified Instructor and Practicum Coordinator

Martha Constant

Titles: BIS - Evening Campus Supervisor

Main Contact


Brett Cook

Titles: IT Analyst

Johnny Cook

Titles: Instructor, Auto Service Technology

Stephania Cordova

Titles: Director, Human Resources & Compliance Officer

Glen Cosper

Titles: Board Member - Vice President (Zone 5, Office 5)

Ronald Coulter

Titles: Custodian

Jared Countz

Titles: Electrician

Penny Cramer

Titles: Event Planner

Natalie Crawley

Titles: Technology Center Representative - Moore Public Schools

Justin Crossno

Titles: Preventive Maintenance Technician

Christine Crowley-Woodard

Titles: Instructor, Legal Office Services
< 1 2 3 4 12 > showing 25 - 48 of 271 constituents