Staff Directory

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Bobbie Croy

Titles: Custodian

Patrick Curtis

Titles: Instructional Assistant

Julie Daniels

Titles: Lab Specialist

Yumi Davis

Titles: Counselor, BIT Careers

Lori Dean

Titles: Assessment Assistant

Brandon Dickerson

Titles: Instructor, Pre-Engineering

Shelly Dickey

Titles: Facilities Assistant

Andrea Dixon

Titles: Adjunct Open Enrollment Coordinator

Lee Dow

Titles: Instructor, Automotive Service Technology

Katie Dowden

Titles: Bursar

Henry Dumas

Titles: Business Development Coordinator

Christi Duncan

Titles: Finance Assistant

Donna Dunn

Titles: Instructor, Nurse Aide

Wayne Dutton

Titles: ITS Technical Specialist

Melissa Dyer

Titles: College Connection Specialist

Jeremiah Edwards

Titles: Data Management Coordinator

Jeremy Erb

Titles: Warehouse Office Assistant

Victoria Fazzio

Titles: Community Outreach Specialist

Amber Fields

Titles: Senior Administrative Assistant, Long Term Careers

Tina Fitzgerald

Titles: Employment Services Coordinator

Stacey Floyd

Titles: Student Resource Center Assistant

Angel Flud

Titles: Technical Assistant

Renee Folmar

Titles: Accounts Receivable Clerk
< 1 2 3 4 5 12 > showing 49 - 72 of 271 constituents