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C.E. Jones

Titles: South Penn Evening Campus Supervisor - Adjunct

Chris Jones

Titles: Instructor, Therapeutic Services

Diane Jones

Titles: Deputy

Tracy Jones

Titles: Instructor, Precision Machining

Jeff Jordan

Titles: Practical Nursing Coordinator

Bill Keeler

Titles: Maintenance Technician

Roy Kelly

Titles: Vehicle Maintenance

Sandy Kelso

Titles: Instructor, Database Administration

David Kennedy

Titles: Custodian

Lee Ann Kennedy

Titles: Technology Center Representative - Norman Public Schools

Steve Ketchum

Titles: Executive Director/Campus Director

Odie Khetsisouvanh

Titles: Custodian/Bus Driver

Sammie Kimmel

Titles: Adult Health Instructor/Coordinator

Chris Klein

Titles: Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator

Stefanie Klein

Titles: Administrative Assistant

Amy Knowles

Titles: Event Planner

Marie Knox

Titles: Teacher - Numeracy Specialist/Coach

Clint Kolar

Titles: Network Administrator

Kendel Krause

Titles: Instructor - Ascend

Cindy Krosp

Titles: Career Advisor

Kao Laizure

Titles: Administrative Assistant, Student Services

Chris Lange

Titles: Business Development Coordinator

Karen Lei

Titles: Copier Operator

Pam Lewis

Titles: Board Member - Clerk (Zone 1, Office 1)
< 1 4 5 6 7 8 12 > showing 121 - 144 of 271 constituents