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Brett Cook

IT Analyst

Johnny Cook

Instructor, Auto Service Technology

Stephania Cordova

Director, Human Resources & Compliance Officer

Glen Cosper

Board Member - President (Zone 5, Office 5)

Ronald Coulter


Jared Countz


Roger Cox

FRC - FACULTY - Teacher - Carpentry

Penny Cramer

Event Planner

Justin Crossno

Preventive Maintenance Technician

Christine Crowley Woodard

Instructor, Legal Office Services

Bobbie Croy


Patrick Curtis

Instructional Assistant

Julie Daniels

Lab Specialist

Yumi Davis

Counselor, BIT Careers

Lori Dean

Assessment Assistant

Tracie Detamore


Brandon Dickerson

Instructor, Pre-Engineering

Shelly Dickey

Facilities Assistant

Andrea Dixon

Adjunct Open Enrollment Coordinator

Lee Dow

Instructor, Automotive Service Technology

Katie Dowden

Assistant to the Director of Finance

Daniel Dozier

Custodian - Full Time

Henry Dumas

Business Development Coordinator

Christi Duncan

Finance Assistant

Donna Dunn

Instructor, Nurse Aide

Wayne Dutton

ITS Technical Specialist

Melissa Dyer

College Connection Specialist

Kendel Echard

Instructor - Ascend

Deborah Eckroat

Adjunct Instructor

Jeremiah Edwards

Data Management Coordinator

Linda Ellis

Adjunct Math Instructor

OQA Examiner

Victoria Fazzio

Community Outreach Specialist

Amber Fields

Senior Administrative Assistant, Long Term Careers

Faith Filkins


Tina Fitzgerald

Employment Services Coordinator

Matt Fix

HIRE Coordinator

Angel Flud

Technical Assistant

Renee Folmar

Accounts Receivable Clerk

Tramain Foreman

< 1 2 3 4 8 > showing 41 - 80 of 290 constituents