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Graduation Screen

Moore Norman Technology Center recognized 675 graduates from more than 30 career programs during the 2024 graduation ceremony. Graduates included high school students from Moore Public Schools and Norman Public Schools, homeschool, private school and adults from the Moore, Norman, and south Oklahoma City area.

The graduation ceremony was held at the Lloyd Noble Center in Norman, Oklahoma. A recording of the special event can be viewed on the Moore Norman Technology Center YouTube channel.

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MNTC EMT graduate, Jordan Yanch

Jordan Yanch moved with her family from Canada to Oklahoma in 2015. She currently works part-time as a paramedic for the OKC 911 system, and full-time in Nuclear Medicine stress testing across the entire United States. Jordan received her EMT training from Moore Norman Technology Center in 2019, kickstarting her rewarding career.

Working in EMS wasn’t always part of Jordan’s plan. She completed her program with very minimal time and a limited cost investment and began work first as an EMT, then a paramedic. She decided to pursue Nuclear Medicine on a whim – inspired by the opportunity to travel more, a passion of hers, while still granting her the opportunity to provide thoughtful, compassionate care to the patients she interacts with. 


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Moore Norman Technology Center receives special recognition at Oklahoma HOSA Conference.
Moore Norman Technology Center students return from Oklahoma HOSA State Leadership Conference with a total of 21 medals!
Our future health professionals showcased their talents at the state level across various health categories. Congratulations to our outstanding instructors and students for their stellar performance at the Oklahoma HOSA State Conference!
The MNTC HOSA chapter also earned a special recognition award from the American Red Cross.
The aim of the American Red Cross Volunteer Recognition is to inspire members to engage with the America Red Cross (ARC), to become lifelong advocates of the Red Cross, and to recognize both chapters and individual HOSA members for their participation in American Red Cross activities. The recognition for this event was based on total cumulative hours a HOSA member engaged with American Red Cross sponsored events and activities.  
There were 3 first place winners, 4 second place winners, and 7 third place winners. Three different instructors had students qualify for HOSA International Leadership Conference (ILC) happening later this summer.
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Economic Development Week

Moore Norman Technology Center is proud to announce its participation in the 2024 Economic Development Week, a global initiative led by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC).

“As the local and regional economies evolve, the economic development profession must remain agile and responsive to change. The expertise of dedicated economic development professionals and organizations is vital in cultivating sustainable growth and prosperity,” said IEDC President & CEO Nathan Ohle. “This year’s Economic Development Week will showcase innovative community leadership driving collaboration and creating opportunities in their communities. I hope our communities and economic developers around the world will join us in celebrating the accomplishments of a profession full of passionate changemakers and community builders.”

“Economic Development Week is a crucial time to reflect on our collective achievements and to plan for a future of inclusive and sustainable growth,” said Tim Burg, Economic Developer at Moore Norman Technology Center. “We are inviting businesses, community leaders and the public to join us in celebrating our progress and to engage in meaningful discussions about the economic future of our community.”

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