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Coaching business owners to success: Dumas achieves new certification to enhance work with clients

Written by Sharla Bardin for 19th St. Magazine, February 2021

Henry Dumas is a coach who mentors, motivates and elevates others. But instead of working with players to win games, Dumas coaches business owners on ways to help their companies succeed. A triumph for Dumas is watching those owners and their businesses thrive.

“The most rewarding part of my job is to see them grow and prosper,” he said.

Dumas is a business coach and small business management coordinator at Moore Norman Technology Center.

He also is a Professional Certified Business Coach, one of only a few in the state with the designation from the International Coach Federation.

Dumas has added another professional achievement with his recent certification as a master certified coach with the federation. He started working on the certification five years ago and completed the requirements in December.

“I’m all about continuous improvement and lifelong learning,” he said.

Dumas is the only master certified coach in Oklahoma and one of only about 1,200 members in the federation with that designation. The federation consists of members in 130 countries and territories, he said.

Dumas said he believes the certification will enhance the work he does with area business owners. A focus of the master credential process is taking a transformational approach with business coaching, such as looking at behaviors and belief systems that can benefit or inhibit clients. It can help clients become more self-aware and look at ways they can improve.

Helping clients increase their knowledge and potential are highlights of Dumas’ job.

He has worked at the technology center for eight years and came to the position with 30 years of experience in the private sector. His previous jobs included working as a sales manager, small business owner, chief financial officer and accountant.

Dumas’ clients are small business owners in Norman, Moore and south Oklahoma City who have been in business for three to five years. The clients also represent varied professions, such as dentistry, construction, website development and marketing.

Dumas coaches clients in areas that include how to prioritize goals, increase sales, hire and retain the right employees, find a work-life balance and discover resources that can benefit their business.

Dr. Kristen Campbell, DDS, owner of Norman Smile Center, started working with Dumas when she was preparing to purchase the practice. Campbell said the wisdom she has gained from Dumas has been invaluable.

“I had no prior knowledge of how to evaluate, purchase or even run a business," Campbell said, in an email response. “Henry's knowledge and expertise aided me in the purchasing of the practice and he has continued to educate and guide me through the ebbs and flows of being a business owner.”

Campbell said she admires Dumas’ wisdom, his excellent listening skills and his willingness in the coaching sessions to take the time “to make sure you understand and comprehend the information and discussions that are taking place.”

Campbell said some of the lessons she’s learned from Dumas include how to understand financial and accounting principles, how to analyze cash flow, create a budget and identify areas of improvement for the business.

She said other valuable lessons from Dumas have involved discussions about balancing one's work life to avoid burnout and taking time to focus on business and personal growth.

Campbell said she’s impressed and grateful for Dumas' insight, understanding and his continuous encouragement.

“With his guidance and, more importantly, his emphasis on practical applications of business, Henry gives me confidence my business can continue to evolve and grow.”

Dumas offers free coaching through his work at the technology center and is accepting new clients. For more information, email him at