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HIRE Student Nominees Are Honored with the Making It Work Day Awards

Every year the Oklahoma Career and Technical Education Equity Council (OkCTEEC) has an event called Making It Work Day that celebrates the successes and partnerships for students that are receiving financial assistance through Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Special Programs. This year two individuals that were nominated by MNTC's HIRE program received the award. 

Making It Work Day recognizes individuals who are committed to removing barriers to success for single-parent families by providing educational experiences for students beyond the classroom. The ceremony also recognized nontraditional students and members who received national honors for their efforts.

OkCTEEC is affiliated with the administrative division of the Oklahoma Association of Career and Technology Education. The council advocates for students pursuing nontraditional careers and for resources for educating single parents.

Brian Young is a TANF Caseworker at OK DHS in Cleveland County and won the "Outstanding Community Partner/Agency Award." Charee "Red" Thurman with Baker Brothers Electric won the "Outstanding Business/Industry Partner Award."  Both of their continued support of the HIRE program and MNTC students has been crucial to HIRE's success. 

Young said,

I really love working with the TANF program. I think that it’s the best program that DHS and state agencies have to offer. I enjoy it because I was raised by a single mom. The opportunity to give help to others who maybe didn’t have some of the family help or other things I had growing up is a special opportunity.

Thurman said, “I am beyond honored. Having interns here at Baker Brothers is a win-win. I can’t tell you how fabulous this program is and how much it has helped us as a business. A small business having extra hands is a really big thing. Knowing that it is helping someone get some experience, build some confidence and be able to go out into the community and find a full-time position where they are satisfied is a real blessing to us to be able to be a part of that. I highly recommend that any small business that needs some extra help, give these guys a chance.”

Young and Thurman were presented with a plaque and a citation from their respective OK State Senators and Representatives. They will be a part of a virtual Making It Work Day event held via YouTube on April 30. For more information about OkCTEEC, visit

Brian Young holding award.

Brain Young winner of the Outstanding Community Partner/Agency Award.

Charee %22Red%22 Thurman holding award.

Charee "Red" Thurman winner of the Outstanding Business/Industry Partner Award.

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