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Ten MNTC Automotive Service Students Earn $4,750 in Scholarships

Ten Moore Norman Technology Center Automotive Service Technology (AST) students were recently awarded $4,750 in industry-based scholarships. These scholarships go to help students purchase tools or advance their education. The first couple of years can be rough for a new automotive service technician due to them having to invest in purchasing their own tools to use on the job. These scholarships will help them advance their careers as they will have already invested in the tools needed to do their jobs, and can focus on getting specialized tools to expand what they can do in the shop.

Fueling Dreams Scholarships

Fueling Dreams Scholarships are funded each year by the local auto industry partners of the Auto Service advisory board at MNTC. Fueling Dreams Scholarship winners are Moore High School senior Joseph Bates $500 scholarship and Jose Arias $250 scholarship. In addition, Moore High School senior Alexander Ivy $250 scholarship currently employed with Fowler Toyota, and Southmoore High School senior Dominic Jones $1250 scholarship currently employed with Moore Machine Shop.

Danny Stevens Scholarship

Norman North High School senior Kolby Williams earned a $250 scholarship and is employed at the City of Norman and Southmoore High School senior Fidel Juarez earned a $250 scholarship. Danny Stevens was an instructional assistant in the AST program starting in 2000 until his passing in April 2014. Aerospace & Transportation Director Lee Dow said, "Danny had a positive impact on all students and made a difference in their lives every day." The scholarship was set up in Stevens' memory by an AST graduate.

Tristen Ballinger KCRO Scholarship 

Lael Howard, who works at Hudiberg Chevrolet, and Kaylon Patterson, currently employed at Hudiburg Chevrolet, both earned $500 through the Tristen Ballinger KCRO Scholarship. Mark and Nicole Ballinger, the parents of Tristen, presented the scholarships to the recipients. Tristen was diagnosed with ALD (Adrenoleukodystrophy) in June of 2017. He graduated from Westmoore High School in May 2018 and passed away in August 2018. He was active in MNTC's AST program and enjoyed the time he was able to spend there. His passion was cars, specifically his 1969 Chevy Nova and he worked as a race official at Thunder Valley for close to four years.

Michael Walls Scholarships

Cathy Walls, mother of the late Michael Walls, and Lindsi Walls, niece of the late Michael Walls, presented two Michael Walls Scholarships totaling $1,000. The recipents are Westmoore High School senior Ethan Robison, $500 scholarship, and Moore High School senior Steven Benedetto, $500 scholarship. Benedetto is also currently employed at Eurosport.

Michael Walls was an MNTC Auto Service Technology graduate who passed away in December of 1991. His family and friends established this scholarship in his honor. This scholarship is awarded to a high school student wishing to pursue or continue employment in the automotive career field or continued education. 

To be considered for these scholarships each applicant was interviewed before a panel of professionals and submitted a resume and an essay about their educational and industry goals.

Learn more about MNTC’s Auto Service Technology program or explore all MNTC career programs.

2022 AST Scholarship Winners

L to R Front Row: Mark Ballinger, Nicole Ballinger, and Cathy Walls

L to R Back Row:  Lael Howard, Alexander Ivy, Joseph Bates, Gage Benedetto, Mr. Cook (Instructor), Ethan Robison, Kaylon Patterson, and Lindsi Walls

Gage Benedetto

L to R: Cathy Walls, Gage Benedetto, and Lindsi Walls

Ethan Robison

L to R: Cathy Walls, Ethan Robison and Lindsi Walls

Cathy Walls 2022

Cathy Walls talks about the life of the late Michael Walls

Mark Ballinger 2022

Mark Ballinger talks about the life of the late Tristen Ballinger

Kaylon Patterson

L to R: Nicole Ballinger, Kaylon Patterson, and Mark Ballinger

Lael Howard

L to R: Nicole Ballinger, Lael Howard, and Mark Ballinger

Joseph Bates

L to R: AST Instructor Johnny Cook, Joseph Bates, and Director Lee Dow

Alexander Ivy

L to R: AST Instructor Johnny Cook, Alexander Ivy, and Director Lee Dow

Tristen Ballinger KCRO Scholarship  Winners

L to R: Nicole Ballinger, Kaylon Patterson, Mark Ballinger, and Lael Howard

2022 AST Scholarship Winners PM 2

L to R: Director Lee Dow, Fidel Juarez, Kolby Williams, Dominic Jones, Jose Arias, and AST Instructor Johnny Cook

2022 AST Scholarship Winners PM

L to R: Lindsi Walls, AST Instructor Johnny Cook, Fidel Juarez, Kolby Williams, Cathy Walls, Dominic Jones, Jose Arias, Nicole Ballinger, and Mark Ballinger

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