MNTC Earns Oklahoma Quality Award

 Moore Norman Technology Center was recently honored with the Oklahoma Quality Foundation’s Oklahoma Quality Award at the Achievement of Excellence level this month during the 6th Annual Sharing of Best Practices Conference and Awards Luncheon held in Tulsa.

“The Oklahoma Quality Award Criteria - based on the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence - provides MNTC with a strong business framework model. We use it to align our strategic planning and quality management system to continuously meet our mission:  to prepare our students and business clients for success, change lives and build better tomorrows for our customers and community,” said MNTC Executive Director of Quality Services Karla Marshall.

The Oklahoma Quality Foundation’s mission is to be a catalyst for economic prosperity in Oklahoma by promoting the principles of performance excellence and sharing of best practices. There are three levels of performance that organizations can strive to attain: Commitment, Achievement and Excellence.

Established in 1972, MNTC is one of 29 technology centers in the Oklahoma CareerTech system and its district encompasses Norman, south Oklahoma City and Moore. Moore Norman offers technical training to career and college-bound high school and adult students, as well as customized training for businesses.

“Although Moore Norman appreciates the recognition through the award, our ultimate reason for going through this process is to refine our system for continuous improvement. Using this criteria is not a one-time event, but an ongoing commitment,” said Marshall.

MTM Recognition of Oklahoma City and the Tulsa City-County Library also earned Oklahoma Quality awards this year. Oklahoma Quality Foundation Executive Director Cary Hill said, “These three organizations represent the best of the best in Oklahoma and each produces exceptional results that create jobs and contribute to the economic prosperity of Oklahoma."

For-profit and non-profit companies can benefit from the performance-driven excellence programs available through the Oklahoma Quality Foundation as they can assess areas of strength and address challenges they face to determine paths for improvement. Going through the process promotes excellence in processes among employees and allows businesses to be more competitive in their industries.

The Oklahoma Quality Award criteria provides Oklahoma businesses and organization with a framework to promote the principles of performance excellence and sharing of best practices. The criteria focuses on seven specific areas: Leadership; Strategy; Customers; Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management; Workforce; Operations; and Results. 

Organizations that apply for the Oklahoma Quality Award prepare a 50-page application that answers questions in each of the seven areas within the criteria. A team of trained examiners review the application, then are on site at the organization to determine if the criteria requirements are in place. The application and examination process provides a detailed feedback report outlining both strengths and opportunities for improvement within the business or organization. The process of the Oklahoma Quality Award has the mission to be a catalyst for promoting the principles of performance excellence and highlighting those Oklahoma businesses and organizations that achieve the award level.

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by Anna Aguilar, APR

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