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MNTC Inducts 275 Into National Technical Honor Society

Moore Norman Technology Center inducted 275 students from 27 full-time career programs into the National Technical Honor Society April 28 at the Franklin Road Campus. Students are nominated by their instructors based on criteria such as academic excellence, attendance, character and work ethic. 

NTHS students get to attend NTHS State Leadership Conference each December. This year's special speaker was Rhett Laubach. Students learned how to improve their leadership skills and how to change the way their minds perceive leadership. NTHS students also get to have a Day at the Capitol where they had the opportunity to meet their legislators and observe them in action, tour and hear from a guest speaker. This year's guest speaker was Representative Dick Lowe. 

In 1990, MNTC established a charter with the National Technical Honor Society to recognize outstanding student achievement in career and technical education. There are now 61 Career Tech NTHS chapters in Oklahoma, plus 36 comprehensive high schools, job corps, and private technical schools that also have chapters.

Because many business and industry leaders recognize the rigorous criteria NTHS members must meet, being able to list NTHS membership on a resume is an advantage to these students when seeking employment. In addition to a certificate issued by its national office, NTHS members gain access to the NTHS website where they can apply for scholarships, request recommendation letters, and access the latest information about education and industry.

Accounting: Rosebud Benally, Lauryn E. LaFrance, Destiny N. Loera, Dianna Lopez, Chelsey R. Mallory and Joshua K. Miller.

Automotive Service Technology: Jacob T. Jones, Jackson L. Lindsey, Nathan R. Mann, Logan M. Matthesen, Gavin M. McDade, Gannon W. Sayers, Van T. Truong, Brady J. Walls, Bennett S. Watson, Tyler J. West and Jared L. Wilson.

Biomedical Science: Sandra L. Bennett, Cora L. Davis and Devin L. Jansing.

Carpentry: Nikki X. Kieu, Lucy C. Sieck, Harrison P. Southarath, Anna D. Tran, Bree A. Wishard, Michael P. Born, Timothy M. Hurst and Imanol Rios.

Cloud & Virtual Network Administration: Waymon L. Coulter, Austin C. Kelley, Kaytlyn M. Reid and Jeremy P. Vega.

CNC Machining: Morgan L. DeMonia, Kennedy T. Graves, Jacob I. Grizzle, Khrystyn Riley and Daniel R. Sabatelli.

Computer-Aided Design & Drafting: Ingrid J. Avalos, Hope B. Cox, Caleb S. DiPaolo, Alicia M. Gregory and Brad N. Hamby.

Cosmetology: Madison N. Cooke, Ashley M. Lain, Jaquelin Y. Lopez and Dallis C. Moghadam-Ellison.

Cyber Defense: Sydney J. Franklin, Kylan H. Gray, Detrevion D. Martin, Mykael B. Pearce, Presley N. Rumsey, Abby R. Sheehy, Nikkisha D. Shelton, Gracie A. Swenson, Bryce A. McCoy, Braidin T. Nungester, Fredrick Oballa, Natalie D. Wilkes, Essynce M. Williams, Katelynn D. Wooten, Thomas A. Simmons and Ronaldo E. Vaughan.

Dental Assisting: Maria V. Arenas, Lanie N. Chavez, Hannah E. Fiorello and Samantha A. Lucio.

Digital Cinema & Television Production: Angel N. Allen, Prince R. Awopeju, Zackery T. Bode, Cameron J. Dennis, Zoe A. Lee, Charles H. Metcalf, Joey C. Minor, Sara L. Mrazik, Christopher M. Nappa, Raistlin R. Rankin, Mayiah R. Robertson and Jonah J. Tharp.

Graphic DesignMariposa Dziedzic- Williams, Macie R. Evans, Michelle C. Johnson, Sarah J. Johnson, Michelle N. Kim, Emma C. Martinez, Kayleigh A. Matthews, Faith A. Means, Elizabeth C. Norfleet, Andres E. Parraga, Tarek J. Pasley, Abrielle D. Pham, Cameron P. Sramek, Jacob R. Thompson, Gage P. Trinkle, Hunter L. Williams, Cameron B. Yandell, Raymond N. Koivisto, Max Lopez, Luke R. Scheffe, Michael R. Standifer and Preston Yang.

Health Careers Certification: Emily D. Andrews, Savannah M. Averitt, Estalie C. Barnes, Tara J. Blice, Courtney L. Coker, Madyson M. Combs, Brooklyne R. Elliott, Elise A. Garrett, Angelica Gonzalez, Megan N. Grissam, Roque A. Hernandez Villavicencio, Karlealyn M. Hyden, Grace R. Janko and Valerie R. Lima.

HVAC/R: David T. Burke, Ethan L. Hamel, Nicole M. Mabie, Kelsey R. McAlvain, Morgan F. Mills, Ciara M. Murrell, Kysa E. Myers, Michelle V. Nguyen, Michael O. Nieto, Isabella J. Nimmo, Kayla A. Pennyfeather, Madilyn V. Preske, Sierra L. Quillman, Madison N. Rice, Riley B. Robertson, Brooke I. Ross, Sierra A. Shook, Blake N. Johns, Leslie N. Plemons, Jaden S. Slover, LaRehna F. Smith, Trinity A. Stevens, Annabella M. Tayamen, Kamiyah Thompson, Peyton R. Westervelt, Olivia J. Wetherington, Kearstin A. Williams, Josiah L. Willis, Maddyson E. Wiser, Campbell A. Wiyninger and Reagan M. Wrany.

Legal Office Services: Haley M. Collins, Cooper A. Hayes, Alexus L. Kern, Grace A. Lancaster and Courtny G. Lindstrom.

Medical AssistingOlivia B. Braley, Adriana Gomez, Ashlyn M. Gonzalez and Radae D. Vernon Hinds.

Physical Therapy Services: Abigail L. Butko, Leslie J. Casio, Adyson M. DeGeorge, Aubrey J. Flowers, McKinzee E. Garcia, Makenna N. Green, Breann R. Grensky, Dylan Guillen, Natalie E. Hunt, Ally J. Hunter, Diamond A. Liggins, Emily P. McCaskill, Shayla J. Rezaei, Marli G. Scott, Julia D. Shawn, Hana M. Tafolla, Hoang N. Tran, Hannah L. Waldron, Carter N. Wells and Braydon L. Wilmot.

Practical Nursing: Kami Baker, Rachel Brown, Wendi Dedmon, Mallory Drake and Ashley Graves.

Pre-EngineeringMadison K. Bleau, Jake C. Barnett, Angel R. Casco, Cadence M. Cross, Haley D. Cross, Timothy David Cross, Chad L. Drabek, Ava N. Garceau and Colin Hoffpauir.

Pre-Nursing: Mariah R. Bailey, Adyan L. Banks, Sophia M. Bendure, Vanessa R. Day, Amelia Farrow, Madison G. Flickinger, Rachell M. Gray, Nolen Jackson, Landon L. Johnson, Ian A. Jones, Gavin M. Keen, Grey M. Lashbrook, Nathan J. Milhan, Adam H. Nguyen, Collin M. Nguyen, Joah Peterson, Brenda V. Hernandez, Baelee J. Kirkpatrick, Emma N. Kitchel, Andrea B. Lay, Emily M. Lopez, Sara N. Mercer, Rosario A. Truoccolo, Ella M. Pilgrim, Alexiah L. Poyser, Dustin C. Rackley, John R. Shumate, Jakob D. Smith, Eren N. Tecimer, Lilia N. Valerio-Weekley, Rachel U. Vu and Brooke M. Williams.

Programming & Software Development: D’onte’ T. Ballard, Levi G. Eduvigen, Kobey R. Erhardt, Ava J. Feierabend, Jose R. Hernandez, Gabriel H. Herrera, Elaine M. Lindesmith, Alberto G. Martinez, Jaden L. Michaels, Andrew J. Redding, Aidan L. Shatswell, Devin C. Smith, Phong D. Tran and Kaleb A. Wilson.

Service Careers Maintenance: Gavin O. Elliott, Preshus R. Forehand, Jydan M. Richardson, Kydan M. Richardson, Andrew J. Smelser and Angel I. Yeboah.

Surgical Technology: Lacey A. Allison, Angelica J. Castillo, Halie M. Elston, Taylor A. Herndon, Monley T. Jamerson, Krysten T. Johnson, Laura H. Jones, Sara E. Jorve, Richard B. Lee, Kelci J. McNeill and Karlee D. Whitaker.

Veterinary AssistingMaKayla P. Burdick, Chase A. Chairess, McKenzie A. Cheek, Sydney M. Eubanks, Charitie D. Franklin and Bethani P. Grove.

Welding: Hunter L. Brinlee, Joshua W. Clay, Cielo P. Gomez, Kalila Y. Haas, Heather N. Hardin, Kayden A. Harrell, Kali R. Mayer, Yazmyne A. Miranda Altamirano, Cole W. Jackson, Jaxon A. Linford, Roman A. Medina, Celina L. Sanchez Lopez, Mackenzie M. Swalley, Caleigh A. Wiser, Conner L. Parrie and Zachary D. Wisdom.

View all photos from the MNTC NTHS Drive-Thru Induction Ceremony.


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