MNTC Students Earn Awards at Spring Skills Contests

Moore Norman Technology Center full-time career program students earned awards at regional, state and district skills contests this spring.

Each national student organization allows first-through-third place state contest winners to compete in their national contests, with the exception of SkillsUSA, where only first place winners move ahead to the national competition. This year all remaining state and national events are canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to include contests for Business Professionals of America (BPA), Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) and Technology Student Association (TSA).

The DECA student organization’s state contest was held in February in Midwest City. MNTC students competed in SkillsUSA regional and district contests at various technology centers across the state in February, including at MNTC. Results from these contests are:

SkillsUSA Regional Contests


First Place: Elijah Haynes, Cabinetmaking.


Service Careers Maintenance

Fifth place: Adam Baker, Riding Mower.



Secondary/High School

Second place: Angelina Cardona, Nails.

Third place: Myca Hester, Nails.

Fourth place: Grace Stilwell, Nails; Kathleen Morgan, Cosmetology and Ashton Marlowe, Esthetics.

Fifth place: Mia Castro, Nails and Shelby Oakes, Cosmetology.

Sixth place: Elizabeth Dossey, Nails and Xia Anderson, Cosmetology.


First place: Taryn Dodson, Cosmetology and Mariah Menzie, Esthetics.

Second place:  Aleya Tabara, Cosmetology; Gabrielle Caldwell, Nails and Makayla Holman, Esthetician.

Fourth place: Lesley Perez, Nails.

Fifth place: Lacy Fisher, Esthetics.



Secondary/High School

Second place: Joshua Hudson.

Third place: Sebastian Deloera.


First place: Sykes Alexander.


SkillsUSA District Contests


Secondary/High School

Fourth place: Dylan Hauser, Troubleshooting.


Third place: Curtis Mitchell, Troubleshooting.

Fifth place: Jackson Dozier, Toubleshooting


Automotive Service Technology

Secondary/High School

First place: John Slepko.

Second place: Josh Eden.

Third place: Brenden Parker.

Fourth place: Ryan Fielding.

Fifth place: Logan Savage.


First place: Jarett Scott.

Second place: Jorge Garcia.

Third place: Samuel Morton.

Fourth place: Chanceton Warner.

Fifth place: Evan Labombarde.

Sixth place: Brandon Angel. 


Entrepreneurship, DECA State Contest

Secondary/High School

First place: Ammy Rendon and Abigail Pidgeon, Start-Up Business Plan Team Event; Britney Zavala, Business Services Operations Team Event; Emilee Bussing, Business Growth Plan Team Event and Michael Love, Entrepreneurship Starting a Business.

Second place: Lirey Munoz, Izayah Taylor and Adam Hurtado, Franchise Business Plan Team Event; Ethan Taylor; Nickolas Bilodeau, Community Awareness Project Team Event and Michaela Eskina, Sales Project Team event and Jamie Gilbreath, Marketing Communications.

Third place: Gisselle Acuna, Innovation Plan Team Event.

Fourth place: Emily Mendez-Cervantes, Independent Business Plan Team Event; Lexi McMahon, Professional Selling; Jordan Stubblefield, Personal Financial Literacy; Mia Warmuth, Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling and Halle Campbell, Apparel and Accessories Marketing.

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