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MNTC Students Receive Sandy Kelso Scholarships

Moore Norman Technology Center's teacher's union awarded 10 students with the Sandy Kelso AFT Scholarships. Each scholarship winner was awarded $250 in the form of a check. There were two recipients for each career area totaling in 10 students receiving the award. 

Special thanks to MNTC's committee members: Cheryl Pantalone, Jennifer Clements, Lee Ann Kennedy, Leslie Pfrehm, Natalie Crawley, Ryan Menefee, Chuck Smith and Renea Glover. The teacher's union would also like to give special thanks to MNTC's Union President, Brandon Dickerson, and treasurer, Olga Caulfield, for their continued support of MNTC's students. Checks were handed out to students before the Thanksgiving break.

2021 Sandy Kelso AFT Scholarship Awardees:


Health Careers

Mackenzie Wisthoff – Adult Student, Medical Assisting

Shayla Rezaei – Moore High School Senior, Physical Therapy Services


Construction and Manufacturing

Conner Parrie, Southmoore High School Junior, Welding

Cade White, Adult Student, Precision Machining


Business and Information Technology

Pamela Garigan, Adult Student, Digital Cinema and Television Production

Hope Davis, Adult Student, Legal Office Services



Logan Mattheson, Adult Student, Automotive Service Technology

Sydney Davis, Westmoore High School Senior, Cosmetology


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Caleaha Sparks, Moore High School Senior, Pre-Engineering

Thao Tran, Westmoore High School Senior, Biomedical Sciences

Conner Parrie

(L to R) Brandon Dickerson, Lee Ann Kennedy, Conner Parrie, Ryan Menefee, Olga Caulfield

Cade White

(L to R) Tracy Jones, Olga Caulfield, Cade White, Lee Ann Kennedy, Brandon Dickerson and Ryan Menefee

Shayla Rezaei

(L to R Top Row) Frank Romero, Lee Ann Kennedy, Shayla Rezaei, Ryan Menefee, Olga Caulfield (Bottom Row) Brandon Dickerson

Caleaha Sparks

(L to R) Brandon Dickerson, Caleaha Sparks, Olga Caulfield and Lee Ann Kennedy

Logan Mattheson

(L to R) Brandon Dickerson, Logan Mattheson, Lee Dow and Cole Atkinson

Thao Tran

(L to R) Lee Dow, Cole Atkinson, Thao Tran and Brandon Dickerson

Sydney Davis

(L to R) Renea Glover, Brandon Dickerson, Sydney Davis, Lee Dow and Cole Atkinson

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